Hammarby vs Halmstads Prediction | Allsvenskan | 07/04

Hammarby vs Halmstads Prediction: Hammarby is not playing too well in the Swedish league. If they do not improve their performance soon, Hammarby is likely to lose points in the next match. The opponent they will face is Halmstad, a team that is also very thirsty for victory to improve the rankings.

Hammarby vs Halmstads Prediction


  • Match date: 03:30 pm on 2021/07/04
  • Event: Allsvenskan
  • Stage: Matchday 9th
  • Location: Tele2 Arena






Hammarby has an advantage over the opponent when playing at home. Can they take advantage of the chance to take the 3 points?

Hammarby’s form in the last 5 matches:

Hammarby’s performance this season is not really good. Looking at the 8 matches played, the number of victories that Hammarby has got is only 3. It is worth mentioning that 3 is also the number of defeats that they have to receive. Thus, Hammarby’s win and loss rate is 37.5%. In addition, Bajan got themselves 2 more draws to win a total of 11 points. This score only makes them 8th on the leaderboard.

Notably, Hammarby’s recent performance is stabilizing again. After losing 1-2 to Kalmar on the opponent’s field, Hammarby quickly got themselves 3 victories. Thanks to that, they were excited again. Most recently, coach Miloš Milojević’s students defeated Sirius 3-1 at home. 

Hammarby vs Halmstads Prediction

Halmstad’s form in the last 5 matches:

On the other side of the front line, Halmstad is having almost the same results as the opponent. With 8 games played this season, Halmstad also had to receive 3 losses. However, with the remaining 5 matches, their result is 2 wins and 3 draws. Therefore, until now, Halmstad only owns 9/24 maximum points. That result only helped Magnus Haglund and his students ranked 11th on the rankings.

In addition, the army of coach Magnus Haglund is only 2 points more than the group holding the red light. So Halmstad needs to play better to get more points. With the last 5 matches, Halmstad lost exactly 1 time when facing Orebro. Then there is a series of 4 consecutive unbeaten matches of the home team Örjans Vall. Most recently, they beat Mjallby 2-1 when playing a friendly against this team. With the equal goal bet, Halmstad won the bet.

Select: Hammarby FT.


Hammarby is a team with a good attack but a bad defense. Specifically, 14 is the number of goals that Hammarby has scored after 8 matches. However, the defense conceded 13 times.

On the other side of the line, Halmstad was not effective in attack. So far Halmstad has only scored 7 goals in 8 matches. Meanwhile, Halmstad has conceded 8 times, receiving an average of 1 goal per game.

Select: Under 2.5 FT.


Since 1994, the total number of direct confrontations between these two teams is 35. Which, Halmstad is having a slight advantage when earning 13 victories. In the opposite direction, Hammarby is also not inferior with 11 times defeating the opponent. 11 is also the number of matches that the two teams have drawn.

The balance is also clearly shown by the two teams in the last 5 matches against each other. Each side has got themselves 2 wins and 1 draw. The last time they played against each other, Hammarby had to receive a 1-3 defeat at home.

Select: Draw FT.


With the balance that the two teams have shown in the recent confrontations, the expert is judging a draw. In addition, Hammarby and Halmstad are both in stable performance again. It is likely that the two teams will draw 1-1.

Hammarby vs Halmstads Prediction: Hammarby 1-1 Halmstad FT (1-0 H1).

Hammarby vs Halmstads Prediction


Hammarby: Davor Blazevic, Jeppe Andersen, David Fallman, Alexander Kacaniklic, Darijan Bojanic, Nikola Djurdjic, Vidar Orn Kjartansson, Mats Goberg Solheim, Muamer Tankovic, Simon Sandberg, Dennis Widgren. 

Halmstads: Kevin Stuhr Ellegaard, Stian Gregersen, Jesper Karlsson, Simon Lundevall, Frederik Holst, Stefan Ishizaki, Marokhy Ndione, Alejandro Fernandez Portillo, Robert Gojani, Simon Olsson, Simon Strand.

The above is information about the prediction in the 9th match between Hammarby vs Halmstads of Allsvenskan on 2021/07/04 of the CMD368 bookie.