Hamilton Criticized The F1 Community

The reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton was unhappy when the F1 community fell silent over the death of black George Floyd in the US.

Hamilton criticized the F1 community

“I see you being silent, among whom are top stars and you choose to remain silent in this story of injustice,” Hamilton wrote on Instagram on June 1. “There is no one who speaks in my industry – a sport clearly dominated by whites. I am the only one who speaks because I have the same skin color as him.”

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Hamilton criticized the F1 community for being silent on the death of a black person in the United States
Hamilton criticized the F1 community for being silent on the death of a black person in the United States

Floyd is an American citizen. On May 25, a white policeman pressed his knees to his neck to death even though he kept shouting: “I can’t breathe”. Floyd’s death sparked a wave of protests in the United States. The movement “Justice for George Floyd” or Black Lives Matter (Colored People Worth Living) quickly spread, attracting the participation of many sports stars.

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“From now on I will think that you can understand why the incident happened and say something about it, but you will never stand by us. I only know who you are and I have been seeing through you, “Hamilton said sharply.

In the second post, Mercedes’ main driver wrote: “I am not on the side of bandits, who are burning buildings. I support peaceful protesters. There will be no peace until people who are viewed as leaders who make a change “.

Mercedes then spoke up, supporting their riders. After Hamilton’s post, many other F1 riders called for justice for blacks.

Many supporters of him
Many supporters of him

He had wanted to quit F1 race because of Covid-19

“There are days when I wake up and feel sluggish. I don’t have the incentive to practice. I wonder: ‘Then where are we going? What will happen next? Should I continue racing?” ‘”, Hamilton said on 25/5 questions that arise with him during the break due to Covid-19.

Hamilton admitted he was depressed because of Covid-19

F1’s 2020 season cannot begin due to a pandemic. To date, 10 races have been affected, including three races of France, Monaco, and Australia. Drivers are still waiting to return to the track. Meanwhile, F1 said the season is likely to start in July, in Austria.

“I thought about those things, then thought to myself, ‘Damn!’, Then an hour, or a moment later, it passed. Then I thought: ‘Damn! I love my current job. thinking about stopping? ‘”Hamilton said in a video posted by Mercedes.

Speaking at the Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, the six-time world champion continued: “The spirit, after all, is to feel good about yourself. The trouble lies in finding figure out the way to make yourself love yourself. You need to find a way to love yourself and be cushty with yourself. “

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Hamilton was eager to return to play, as he was having a chance to equalize Michael Schumacher’s record of seven F1 championships. The British driver is in his final year of contract with Mercedes and hopes that the time of the blockade due to the disease will make himself better.