Haka vs Honka Prediction | Veikkausliiga | 06/30

Haka vs Honka Prediction: Haka and Honka are two teams that have not had stable performances in recent times. They will have a confrontation in the middle of next week in the Finnish league. A match is considered an opportunity for Haka vs Honka to find the necessary points.

Haka vs Honka Prediction


  • Match date: 03:30 pm on 2021/06/30
  • Event: Veikkausliiga
  • Stage: Matchday 11th
  • Location: Tehtaan kenttä






Haka currently has 7 points and is ranked 9th in the table, a bad achievement of the home team. Statistics show that Haka has 2 wins, 1 draw and has to receive 2 defeats in the last 5 matches. A performance that is not really stable for the home team and needs to be improved in this regard. So that the players have the best mentality at the reception in the middle of next week.

Haka vs Honka Prediction

Honka currently has 9 points and is ranked 8th on the rankings. A performance that is not too much better than the home team. Statistics show that Honka brought 2 victories and had to receive 3 defeats in the last 5 matches. The lack of concentration along with serious mistakes is causing the visitor to have to under a lot of pressure in the upcoming trip away from home.

Both teams have not had stable performances in recent times. It is not too difficult to understand when they chose to play slowly and surely in this match. Creating a reasonable game along with actively rotating the ball in the middle of the field. These will help the players of both teams have more time to get to know the opponent as well as minimize the serious mistakes that appear. 

Select: Under 2.25 FT (Under 0.75 H1).


The correlation of the lineup, as well as the rankings, is easy to see in the two teams at this time. So Haka’s advantage when playing in their holy place will help them have a better chance to decide the outcome of this match. Strengthen the morale of the players and put a lot of pressure on the away team from home advantage. Along with deploying a solid position and scoring the important goal of the match from the opponent’s loophole. This will help Haka players win in this rather difficult reception.

Select: Haka +0.25 FT.


Having 3 points in this match helps Haka surpass the top opponent who is also their opponent in this match. They’re now taking 8th place on the table, and narrow the gap with the top teams. Although it is not an easy match, with the home advantage, the opportunity is still quite clear for Haka. Playing hard and organizing a lightning attack to bring back a valuable goal. Believe that victory will still belong to Haka in this confrontation.

Select: Haka FT.


Haka is in an unstable form recently. But the opponent is a team that is not too superior and with too much pressure from the away disadvantage. It will make the away team’s captain encountered many difficulties in this away trip. A good signal for the home team, strengthening the players’ morale and concentration, and creating the necessary certainty during the time of the ball rolling. Believe that the final victory will still belong to Haka in this encounter.

Haka vs Honka Prediction: Haka 1 – 0 Honka FT (0-0 H1).

Haka vs Honka Prediction


Haka: J. Immonen, S. Saarinen, H. Malundama, T. Purme, N. Friberg, J. Hakkinen, S. Keita, A. Popovitch, E. Markkanen, J. Bushue, S. Chidi.

Honka: Murray, Baah, Ivanov, Kaufmann, Sumusalo, Aalto, Suarez, Hakola, Silva, Perovuo, Martín.

The above is information about the prediction in the 11th match between Haka vs Honka of Veikkausliiga on 2021/06/30 of the CMD368 bookie.