Haaland increased the price 12 times after 7 months

The unbelievable price increase journey of Erling Haaland is marked by unbelievable goals scored in RB Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund.

Erling Haaland’s Journey of price increase

When the 2019/20 season began in July, Haaland was valued at £ 4.5 million by Transfermarkt after moving to Salzburg from Molde.

On July 19, Haaland made his first impression when he scored a hat-trick in Salzburg’s 7-1 victory over Parndorf in the Austrian national cup. On August 10, Haaland scored another hat-trick when helping Salzburg crush Wolfsberger 5-2 in the Austrian league.

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Haaland has 6 hat-tricks in the 2019/20 season. Photo: Getty.
Haaland has 6 hat-tricks in the 2019/20 season. Photo: Getty.

On September 3, Transfermarkt raised Haaland’s price to £ 10.8 million. On September 14, Haaland had the third hat-trick for Salzburg when it exploded in a 7-2 win over Hartberg in the Austrian league. Exactly 3 days later, Haaland had the 4th hat-trick in just 2 months for Salzburg.

This time all Europe must mention the striker name born in 2000 when the hat-trick was made in the Champions League to help Salzburg crush Genk 6-2.

Haaland scored 4 goals in Salzburg’s next 3 matches in the UEFA Champions League, including 3 against Napoli and 1 against Liverpool.

This performance helped Haaland get Transfermarkt’s price increase to 27 million pounds on November 7, just 2 days after the striker scored a goal to help Salzburg draw Napoli 1-1.

After the Norwegian striker scored 29 goals after 5 months of the season, Haaland was raised to £ 40.5 million on December 16.

On 11/2, after Haaland moved to Dortmund and scored 8 goals in just 4 matches. Transfermarkt raised the price of the Norwegian striker to £ 54 million, 12 times his own figure when the season began, thereby making the striker become the strongest player in the world.

This figure may still not stop when just one week after the price increase, Haaland continued shooting. This time, he scored a brace to help Dortmund beat PSG 2-1 in the 1/8 Champions League round.

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After the game Haaland shared with Record: “It was a good game. I am happy because I am the best player in the game, but I feel I can play better. At this level, I have to play better, practice. practice hard and progress. “

As of this season, Haaland has 39 goals in 29 matches.

Haaland: ‘I became a player thanks to Ronaldo’

The Norwegian striker expressed his special admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo because this is the greatest goalscorer in the history of the Champions League.

In reply to Record, striker Erling Haaland admitted: “I want a day to talk with Ronaldo and say I became a player thanks to him. For me, Ronaldo is always a role model.”

Talking about the double against PSG in the 1/8 Champions League round, Haaland said: “It was a good match. I’m happy to be the best player in the match, but I feel I can play better. At this level, I have to play better, work hard and improve. “

Haaland has 10 goals in the UEFA Champions League this season. Photo: Getty.
Haaland has 10 goals in the UEFA Champions League this season. Photo: Getty.

Haaland does not hide himself Ronaldo idol. The Norwegian striker always sees CR7 as a role model in maintaining professionalism through the diet.

In an interview with ESPN in October 2019, Haaland’s father once admitted that his son was especially impressed by Patrice Evra’s lunch story with Ronaldo.

“Erling read a newspaper story about Evra’s lunch with Ronaldo and learned it,” said Alfie Haaland. “In that meal, Cristiano only had water and chicken. So Erling decided to follow it because at the age of 34, Ronaldo was still at the top of the world.”

“Like Ronaldo, he loves eating fish” Mr. Alfie continued. If Ronaldo ate 6 meals a day, Haaland would do the same. Besides the fish, the striker also eats a lot of chicken, food with low-fat content and high protein.

Haaland is the name that makes the world attention. The striker born in 2000 scored a brace to help Dortmund defeat PSG 2-1 in the first leg of the 1/8 round of UEFA Champions League.

Including 8 goals in the group stage in Salzburg, Haaland has scored a total of 10 goals in just 7 games in the Champions League, the performance has never appeared in the history of the most prestigious tournament in the old continent.

Even Haaland alone is scoring more goals than the Barca team (9 goals) in the Champions League this season.

According to Opta, Haaland went down in history as the first teen striker in Champions League history to score 10 goals in just one season.

Haaland’s idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, will join Juventus to face Lyon in the 1/8 Champions League round on February 27