Gwangju FC vs Seongnam Prediction | K-League | 08/01

Gwangju FC vs Seongnam prediction: Gwangju FC vs Seongnam are the two teams that are ranked at the bottom of the K League table at the moment. So the next match between the two teams is no different from the reverse final. Winning is definitely the common goal that the two teams aim for. After 90 minutes, which team will get the victory song?


  • Match date: 11:00 am on 2021/08/01
  • Event: K-League
  • Stage: Matchday 22nd
  • Location: Gwangju World Cup Stadium



Playing at home Gwangju Football Stadium is an advantage for Gwangju FC. Can the home team make good use of this opportunity?

Gwangju FC’s form in the last 5 matches: D L L D W

This is definitely a poor season for Gwangju FC. After 20 matches played, the number of victories that Gwangju FC earned is 5. Thus, the corresponding win rate is 25%. However, this team lost up to 12 goals. So with 3 more draws, the total available points of Gwangju Griffins is only 18. That number now makes them the penultimate in the rankings, equal to Seongnam himself.

Looking at recent matches, Gwangju FC is also showing an unstable performance. Over the last 5 matches, the number of victories that Gwangju FC has is only 1. With the remaining matches, coach Kim Ho-young’s teachers and students have had 4 consecutive matches with all draws and losses. The odds of a draw and a loss are 40%. Recently, when welcoming Gangwon at Gwangju Football Stadium, Gwangju FC won 3-1. 

Seongnam’s form in the last 5 matches: L L L D L

Seongnam is also showing a bad performance this season. 4 is the meager number of victories that Seongnam owns after 18 matches. In contrast, this team drew 6 matches and received 8 defeats. So with only 18 points, Magpies is at the bottom of the table. However, it should be noted that this team is playing 2 matches behind Gwangju FC. So Seongnam still has many opportunities to improve rankings.

Looking at the last 5 matches that Seongnam has played, this team cannot win a single match. The best result that Seongnam had was only 1 draw. It was a 2-2 draw when coming to be Ulsan’s guest. With the remaining 4 matches, coach Kim Nam-Il’s students all had to admit defeat. Expanding on the previous matches, Seongnam is going through 10 consecutive matches without a win. Recently when facing Gangwon, Seongnam lost 1-2. 

Select: Draw FT.


Gwangju FC and Seongnam will have an equal chance of winning in their next match. When looking at the confrontation history, we see that Gwangju FC has 7 wins out of a total of 22 matches. Instead, Seongnam was 2 times better than Gwangju FC. Besides, the two teams played undefeated 6 times.

When looking at the last 5 matches alone, we also see the equality of results between the two teams. The number of wins that each team has is 2. Therefore, the remaining match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Select: Daegu FT.


Gwangju FC is showing a bad performance when it is in the relegation group. Over 20 matches, the attack has scored 20 goals, equivalent to 1 goal/match. Certainty is what the defense cannot do. The number of goals conceded by the whole team was 26. Accordingly, an average of 1.3 goals appeared in a match.

As the opponent, Seongnam is at the bottom of the table after 18 appearances. The defense is stable enough with 18 goals. The scoring performance they have is also 1 goal/match. Besides, the badness is shown in the defense of this team. The average number of goals conceded per game is 1.39.

With Over/Under 2.0, the last 5 matches of Gwangju FC had 3 Over times, corresponding to a rate of 60%. On the side of Seongnam, Over won 4 times in the last 5 matches they attended.

Select: Under 2 FT.

Gwangju FC vs Seongnam Prediction: Gwangju FC 1-1 Seongnam FT (0-0 H1).

The above is information about the prediction in the 22nd match of K-League between Gwangju FC vs Seongnam on 2021/08/01 of the CMD368 bookie.