Greyhound Champion: 74 km/h, defeat horse and racing cars!

Description: In the short-distance, the speed of Greyhound is considered the champion in the sports fields. 

Greyhound is one of the fastest dog breeds in the world. They are famous for being fast and powerful. This is a breed not inferior to cats of prey. With outstanding advantages and friendly features, this breed can be developed as a pet. So what are the characteristics of a greyhound? How much is a greyhound? Or where we can buy a greyhound dog?

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Greyhound dogs beat racing horses:

1. Dog origin

The breed is also known by the familiar name of the gray greyhound or British greyhound. This is an ancient breed found in medieval Europe.

This breed is popularly developed in England, especially those who love speed.

Because they are capable of racing at a very fast rate, they quickly became famous in dog tracks in Europe.

In addition, this breed was created in a smaller direction to create the Italian greyhound to hunt small animals.

They were also taken to the Americas by the Spaniards. Here, the dogs are used for hunting purposes, especially for hunting wolves.

They quickly merged and received quite a good reception from the Americas. Even the American Breed Dog Association recognizes them as the oldest dog in the world.

2. Physical characteristics

It can be said that the greyhound is a great speed athlete that no other breed can match.

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They are known as the fastest dog breed in the world with a maximum speed of up to 20.8 m/s, equivalent to a speed of about 75km/h.

Because of its great speed, many people often call this breed the greyhound.
Because of its great speed, many people often call this breed the greyhound.

In terms of appearance, many people often compared greyhound as a perfect combination of long legs and strength.

They possess a tall and thin body, along with a slender body with very muscular chest. Besides, this breed also has a thin, slender belly, combined with strong long legs, flexible backbone.

Height, weight is also one of the factors that help to show the maximum ability of this running dog breed.

For males, the weight ranges from 27-40kg, while females weigh about 27-34kg.

In terms of height, males usually have a height of 71-76cm, while females are only about 68-71cm.

In addition, they belong to the group of dogs with beautiful appearance with a long head, slim snout and wide skull. They also have small, slightly raised ears and are usually folded in half of the ear.

At the same time, this breed also owns a short coat, looks soft and hugging the body. The color of their coat is quite diverse with colors such as black, white, brown, yellow-brown, brindle. 

3. Characteristics of greyhound racing dogs

Today, they are gradually developed as a pet by its quite gentle nature and emotional life.

Normally they rarely bark and are considered the perfect family dog. At the same time, this breed is also very intelligent and loyal to its owner.

Despite its gentle nature, gentle and quite easy to train, this breed of dogs is quite timid and discreet before strangers and owners.

Many experts consider this breed very sensitive to the attitude of the owner. Therefore, farmers should not have a harsh discipline or an over-tempered attitude towards them.

4. Instructions on how to take care of Greyhound dogs

Like other ornamental dogs, they are easy to keep. Just pay attention to a few points below

  • Living conditions

This dog likes to live in cool places with plenty of space so they can run and jump.

As a western dog, it is also especially sensitive to cold environments. So, if you keep Greyhound Dogs in the North in the North, you need to stay warm

Partly because of the short coat, the ability to withstand the cold wind is extremely weak. However, thanks to that, the chances of getting bugs, ticks, and parasitic anger on the body are less

  • Greyhound dog likes to eat

This breed is not picky eaters, you can feed them normally with meat, fish, eggs … What you need to consider when feeding them is the diet. Only 3 breakfast per day, lunch and dinner.

If you eat a lot of the digestive system will not be absorbed, making them prone to vomiting and diarrhea, diarrhea

  • The disease is common in Greyhound racing dogs

The average lifespan of this breed varies from 10 to 12 years. During the care process, they rarely get sick.

Some common diseases can include Dermatitis, scabies, hypothyroidism.

5. How much is a greyhound? Where to buy, or sell reputably?

Due to the small number, the greyhound market is quite closed. The price for a dog is usually not less than $ 1000

At this price, this dog is usually imported from Thailand or western countries.

Because the cost of a dog is quite expensive, this breed is often raised by wealthy or rich families as pets or racing dogs.

In addition, greyhound children imported from Australia often have higher prices than usual with about $ 2000 / child.

6. Greyhound in Racing:

Dog racing is a popular sport in the world. In some countries, it is banned but in Australia, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, England and the US, dog racing is allowed (even for legal betting).

There are many forms of dog racing, but they are popular and are the most noticeable Greyhound racing. This is a hunting breed that is bred to race and make pets in families. In terms of speed, they are known as the fastest dog in the world.

Championship victory: 74 km / h, taking down both warhorses and race cars – 1

Greyhound dog is very fast in short distance
Greyhound dog is very fast in short distance

A dog has a speed of up to 74 km / h and is one of the fastest mammals on the planet. On the ground, they did not have many rivals, perhaps the most frustrated Cheetah newspaper (120 km / h) when breaking up at short distances.

They is naturally bestowed on the body which is suitable for speeding in short distances with strong and long legs, enlarged chest, flexible backbone and slender body.

And yet, according to Petcha, these dogs also have a huge heart compared to the body: from 1.18 to 1.73% of body weight. While most other species have a heart weight of 0.77% of body weight (humans are 0.5% and racehorses are 1.0-1.3%). Greyhound’s heart can beat 5 times / second in a race.

A Greyhound dog has a higher amount of blood for body size than any athlete: 11.4%, compared to 10.5% for a racehorse; 9.5% of a track athlete and 7.2% of the average breed.

That’s why they will easily beat Usain Bolt, who holds the 100m world record at 9.58 seconds. People have also organized dog racing races (400m distance) and racing cars. The result in the short, Greyhound always won.

Hopefully, the information about greyhound dogs presented in the above article will partly help us be less confused when referring to this breed.
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