Graves, Rek’ Sai and Nidalee is the best jungle invaders

Instead of “grazing”, junglers like Graves, Rek’ Sai, and Nidalee especially like “stealing” or “eating meat” right in front of the enemy.

Many people think that the position of the jungle is divided into two main ways of playing, one is “grazing” – safe farming, only ganking when sure there is a network, and waiting for team fights. The second is “eating meat” – an invasive game that specializes in stealing enemy resources, fighting at any time to bring advantages to your team. So for those jungle players who like to “crash”, aggression is the most attractive style. Graves, Rek’ Sai, Nidalee are the most aggressive junglers in version 10.10.

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Gem complementary and recommended equipment for Graves
Gem complementary and recommended equipment for Graves

Being the top jungler in the current meta, Graves is not only “good at grass” but also “terrifying”. When farming, with the mechanism to repel your monsters, the forest Graves cost very little (or even not) health.

When ganking, with only the Smoke Screen (W), Graves is enough to make the target confused when losing vision, very vulnerable to hard control of Graves teammates. In addition, with the E + Q combo, Graves can easily access and take about 1/3 to half of the prey’s blood, bringing tremendous pressure during the journey. If you want to rob the forest, just a few E waves and dropping W will make the enemy unable to chase Graves.

When the team fights break out, Graves’ damage is no different from a true sniper, ready to destroy any prey approaching no matter how much or less armor (because Graves often apply both lethality and Black Cleaver).


As one of the most dominant junglers in control of LoL in the current meta, Rek’ Sai still has the ability to invade the jungle so it is trusted by many people.

Gem complementary and recommended equipment for Rek’ Sai
Gem complementary and recommended equipment for Rek’ Sai

While in the jungle, Rek’ Sai often farmed and only appeared when the enemy jungler showed up first. Because at that time, the E + W combo (or add Speed ​​if the owl is sure) will throw the prey up, it is difficult for the prey to retreat alone if it is hardened by Rek’ Sai and his teammates. Even with the Tunnel (E), the Rek’ Sai can confidently rob the forest and retreat safely with the terrain tunnels, it is difficult for the enemy to follow.

At the later stage, Rek’Sai not only has standard damage to stack but also has the ability to knock (very easy to hit), so whether attacking or defending, Rek’ Sai’s role is still very great in every squad.


If you master this Nidalee general’s combo, you will find that Nidalee’s jungle clearing speed is super fast. As well as forest robbery, Nidalee can check the monster camp from a distance with only one javelin. So if the enemy ganks fail, Nidalee will rob the jungle, which will take at least 1-2 monster camps, the advantage is huge whether compared to experience or gold from monsters.

Gem complementary and recommended equipment for Nidalee
Gem complementary and recommended equipment for Nidalee

When disputing a big target, Nidalee will prove his strength thanks to his strong preening ability. So before rushing into a big target like a Dragon or Rift Herald or Baron, letting Nidalee fly 1-2 hits, the enemy will no longer be able to dispute.

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