Golden Ball earned by Messi, Ronaldo performance increased!

The Portuguese player has been the top performer in the world since December last year when Lionel Messi was honored by France Football magazine.

Since Messi won the Ballon d’Or on December 3, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 14 goals on all fronts. According to SportBible, no player in the world has more goals than Ronaldo in the aforementioned period.

Messi has 6 Golden Balls, Ronaldo has 5 titles
Messi has 6 Golden Balls, Ronaldo has 5 titles


The closest player to Ronaldo’s record over the past two months is Ciro Immobile. Lazio striker scored 9 goals. Robert Lewandowski, another class striker, scored only eight goals for Bayern Munich in the same period. Messi got 5 goals.

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In the award ceremony in early December 2019, Messi surpassed Ronaldo to win the Golden Ball for the 6th time in his career, the achievement no player has ever done before. He is only 3rd in the Golden Ball in 2019 poll after Messi and Virgil van Dijk.

Meanwhile, he did not attend the award gala in Paris (France). This is the second consecutive year Ronaldo has failed in a race organized by France Football magazine. In 2018, he lost to Luka Modric and won the Silver Ball. CR7 has won 5 Golden Balls in his career.

It seems that the passing of Messi at the Golden Ball award is the motivation to help him play more explosive. In the past period, Ronaldo continuously broke many records. He set a record in Juventus shirt with a series of scoring 10 consecutive games in Serie A, surpassing the legendary Trezeguet (9 games) to go into the team history.

Persistence is helping Ronaldo surpass Messi

In a few days, Ronaldo will turn 35. But, he still has no signs of stopping.

If Lionel Messi does not quickly explode again, he will lose to Cristiano Ronaldo in the familiar race, winning individual titles in the new year.

Ronaldo continues to shine in Juventus' recent victory over Fiorentina
Ronaldo continues to shine in Juventus’ recent victory over Fiorentina

Ronaldo’s promising 2020

The Portuguese superstar continued to show impressive form during the early New Year. Two goals scored in the 22nd round of Serie A recently helped him level the record of 15 years at Juventus.

Ronaldo also scored in nine consecutive matches for ‘Old Lady of Turin’, an achievement that former French striker David Trezeguet once set in 2005.

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Against Fiorentina, he did not play too explosive. He left his mark thanks to two goals from the penalty. However, if someone says that a goal on the spot is not important, ask the City players. The Etihad team is in a crisis on the 11m mark this season when the players who are assigned to take the pen are often kicked off.

Another point that makes people respect this excellent player is in the psychological aspect. Before the match between Juve and Fiorentina took place, Fiorentina goalkeeper Bartlomiej Dragowski did not hesitate to declare war. “I have studied Ronaldo’s penalty method,” Dragowski told Corriere Dello Sport. “I know what to do when I face him.”

Dragowski’s psychological provocation then failed, when he fulfilled his assigned role. Goals that come to him , no matter which way they come, only confirm the persistence of the Portuguese striker.

By early 2020, he has scored 10 goals in 6 matches for Juventus. He received the title of the best player in Serie A in January for his shooting achievements in 4 consecutive rounds of the first month of the year.

Messi praised Ronaldo’s ability to score

Messi reserved words to his rival Ronaldo
Messi reserved words to his rival Ronaldo

“I feel fit, even stronger than I did a few seasons ago. Now I don’t score often, but my body and legs still feel good. As for whether I can play football until my 40s. Age? Let’s wait and see, “Messi said.

Since his move to Serie A, no player has scored more goals than him (40 goals). According to Squawka, even ignoring goals on the 11m mark, he is still one of the two people scoring the most goals in the tournament, from the 2018/19 season to the present. He has 29 goals, on par with Atalanta striker Duvan Zapata.

Ronaldo started 2020 perfectly
Ronaldo started 2020 perfectly

Golden Ball race: CR7 is ready

The goal against Sampdoria showed all the most characteristic of CR7’s career: the header showed the speed, physicality and endurance of the Portuguese striker. Those are the qualities that can help him rise in the Golden Ball 2020 race with Messi.

Last year, Ronaldo lost to Leo in the Golden Ball race by the statistics. In the context that both Ro-Si won only domestic championship with the host club, the Argentine star rose thanks to the tremendous goalscoring record in 2019.

In 2019, Messi scored 50 goals in 59 appearances. Meanwhile, Ronaldo has only 39 goals in 50 appearances (statistics from the Messi vs Ronaldo page). Leaving him behind in the scoring aspect helps Messi acquire two important personal titles in 2019, including The Best and Ballon d’Or.

Ronaldo’s boom in the early 2020s shows how ready he is for the individual title race with Messi. Since the new year, Messi has only 4 goals for Barcelona, ​​while he has 10 goals.


In parallel with the ability to score, he also showed great influence with Juventus. He not only scored goals but also many times in the air ball disputes, made the decision to pass or create opportunities for teammates.

The heat chart after the match against Fiorentina shows him moving very wide in the style of coach Maurizio Sarri. In the post-match interview, the former Chelsea coach also emphasized his influence in contributing to the overall play.

Ronaldo's heat chart against Fiorentina
Ronaldo’s heat chart against Fiorentina

Forbes said that now he plays a leading role at Juventus, though he has only played the second season for the Serie A club.

Guardian once commented that as the Messi Ronaldo race gradually comes to an end, the perseverance in the competition of these two superstars will be a decisive factor. When age and injury begin to weigh on Si-Ro, whoever is more resilient, that person can take advantage.

It seems that he has this advantage. In July 2019, the Juventus medical team was surprised to know that his health indicators were at a perfect level. His muscle mass and body fat are not inferior to Juve’s young players, though he has just spent a month of summer vacation.

Since the beginning of the 2019/20 season, he has played 467 minutes more than Messi (statistics from Transfermarkt). The Argentine has been absent for 6 games for Barca since the beginning of the season due to an injury.

In the race to maintain his health, Ronaldo seems to be doing better than Messi. Keep up this form, CR7 can completely hate Messi in the Golden Ball race 2020.