Barca was helpless at the request of goalkeeper Ter Stegen

The extension of Ter Stegen ‘s contract with Barca is at a standstill when the Nou Camp team is unable to meet the salary that the German goalkeeper requires.

Ter Stegen

Ter Stegen demanded a raise in Barca

The German goalkeeper only agrees to extend the contract with Barca if he receives a worthy salary. He currently pocket 4.68 million euros a year at the Camp Nou.

Ter Stegen’s claim has become the latest nuisance for Barca, the club living amid recent internal conflicts. The binding effect between the German star and the Camp Nou team is still valid until 2022.

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David de Gea is said to be the highest-paid goalkeeper with more than 11 million euros per year. Compared to De Gea, what Ter Steven received is too modest, although the 27-year-old star has no less talent than his colleague at MU.

Ter Stegen uses very flexible legs. He is the trusted deterrent of Barca.
Ter Stegen uses very flexible legs. He is the trusted deterrent of Barca

According to El Mundo Deportivo, Ter Stegen wants to stick with Barca, but is not determined to stay at the club at any cost. In the summer of 2016, former Borussia Monchengladbach star “made me do something” with Barca when asked the club to let him become the number 1 goalkeeper in the team.

Meanwhile, Ter Stegen threatened to leave the Camp Nou and move to Manchester City, if the club does not meet his requirements. In the first 2 seasons of the shirt representing Catalonia, the German goalkeeper was only captured in the UEFA Champions League.

El Mundo Deportivo analyzes Ter Stegen as a professional, talented goalkeeper, but not the type of person who has a loyal heart to the club. The personality of this guardian is also strong. He did not yield to anyone.

AS said Barca is considering Ter Stegen become one of the club leader. However, the Camp Nou team has no tradition of handing the goalkeeper over to the goalkeeper. Currently, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Gerard Pique are the biggest voices in the dressing room.

Regarding Ter Stegen’s wage increase request, this could give Barca a headache. Salary is always a difficult problem for Catalonia representatives. If you pay Ter Stegen a whopping sum, this would disrupt the structure of the club payroll. Without even responding to the German goalkeeper, they faced the danger of losing this excellent guard.

That requirement still prolonged until now

On March 11, Goal reported that Barca and Ter Stegen could not find a common voice in the contract extension. The current German goalkeeper’s contract is valid until June 2022. He is asking Barca’s board to raise a salary to continue sticking with the Nou Camp.

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The German goalkeeper asks for a salary of 15 million euros per year, on par with Luis Suarez. If approved, Ter Stegen will become the second-highest-paid player in Barcelona, ​​second only to Lionel Messi. Goalkeeper born in 1992 said that he deserves this salary after the dedication to Barca for the past 6 years.

Barca could not meet the € 15 million salary of the German goalkeeper per year.
Barca could not meet the € 15 million salary of the German goalkeeper per year.

Barca did not deny the contribution of Ter Stegen, but the team could not meet this salary because of the Financial Fair Law. Currently, Ter Stegen receives a salary of only 4.68 million euros per year, too modest compared to the salary of 11 million euros per season of David de Gea, the highest-paid goalkeeper in the world.

Barca is the team with the largest salary fund in the football world. Specifically, every year, the Catalan team has to spend 438 million pounds to pay the players. They have to spend a lot of money to keep the pillars like Lionel Messi (£ 900,000 / week) or Luis Suarez (£ 600,000 / week).

This season, the German goalkeeper has played 34 matches for Barca, including 11 matches he has not conceded. It is noteworthy that Ter Stegen had 2 assists for the team to score. Barca is expected to be able to retain Ter Stegen until 2027. According to Transfermarkt, the German goalkeeper is valued at up to 90 million euros.
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