Girona vs Rayo Vallecano Prediction | La Liga 2 | 06/20

Girona vs Rayo Vallecano Prediction: Girona is getting a pretty big advantage from the first leg with a 2-1 victory. They are standing on the threshold of winning the championship for the first time as well as the ticket to play promotion next season. Will the home field advantage and extremely high performance help them play well to conquer this noble title?


  • Match date: 07:00 pm on 2021/06/20
  • Event: La Liga 2
  • Stage: Final
  • Location: Estadi Montilivi





Girona is having a not very successful season when just finished in the top 5 with 71 points after 42 matches. However, when entering the playoff, the home team showed the destruction is extremely terrible in front of all opponents. They defeated Almeria with a score of 3-0, which is also one of the top contenders when coming to a quality set of players. At the same time, they also neatly finished Cartagena at the away field. The defense played solidly along with the attack to achieve extremely high performance. Believe that Girona will get the best performance in this match.

On the other side of the field, Rayo Vallecano is a team with a certain decline at this pivotal period. They can no longer keep their composure as well as the rhythm in the way they deploy the game. Another stalemate comes from the attack of this team. When Rayo Vallecano did not have the presence of the main strikers due to injury in the previous match. The factors that do not support them at the moment make the mentality of the players very bad. Experts believe that this will be a difficult match for the away team.

Girona’s attack is extremely strong, they have defeated the defenders with an overwhelming score, including strong teams. However, their opponent is also not average when reaching a rate of 2 goals per game.

Select: Over FT.


The home-field advantage and good results in the first leg helped Girona enter the match with a much better mentality than the opponent. At the same time, they are also in very good form with superiority compared to Rayo Vallecano. Girona had 9 wins and only 1 draw, not losing any of the last matches. It is an achievement that is considered admirable with what they show. The big difference in gameplay and experience in this arena is enough to show that Girona has all the elements to win this time.

Select: Girona FT.


The Girona team is now trying to regain their position. Their goal will definitely be a victory to win the championship trophy. Rayo Vallecano has played well, but they do not have an experienced squad with the ability to compete in a big battlefield like Girona. While Girona is still having continuous victories in the past time with extremely high performance. They have defeated all the names that stand in the way for the promotion ticket next season. Therefore, this match is considered that Girona will be the team to have the last joy.

Select: Girona FT.


Girona will naturally take the initiative to play slowly to reduce the tempo of the game. As for Rayo, they will be forced to raise the squad from the beginning and will reveal loopholes. With a defensive and pragmatic team like Girona, this is a very good opportunity. Predict a minimum win for the home team.

Girona vs Rayo Vallecano Prediction: Girona 1-0 Rayo Vallecano FT (1-0 H1).


Girona: Juan Carlos, Calavera, Bueno, Franquesa, Espinosa, Couto, Kebe, Bustos, Terrats, V.Fernandez, Monchu.

Rayo Vallecano: Luca Zidane, Saveljich, Cabrera, Fran Garcia, Marugán, Alvaro Garcia, Santi Comesana, Camacho, Oscar Valentín, Trejo, Yacine Qasmi.

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