Germany Bundesliga: Haaland Played 7 Matches, Scoring 11 Goals

19-year-old striker Erling Haaland continues to make fans admire his name in the recent Germany Bundesliga matches.

Haaland played 7 matches, scoring 11 goals: 19-year-old scored as bravely as Ronaldo

Erling Haaland did not make Dortmund and German football fans wait long enough to see the acclaim of the media for him worthy. After 8 goals in the Germany Bundesliga in 5 games and 1 goal in the National Cup, Haaland overshadowed Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar and Kylian Mbappe in the Champions League with a brace for Dortmund to win 2-1 in the first round of the eighth round.

Haaland has scored 9 goals in 6 matches since returning to Dortmund

At the age of 19, 1m94 height but still possessing very flexible movement speed, Haaland owns the ideal physical foundation for professional football. But what really made him explode ever since he came to the Germany Bundesliga bases on his natural ability to sniff goals and the age of a very young player.

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Many goals scored by Haaland show his level of fooling his defender to choose a favorable position, not that he was “prepared” by his teammates. His goal against Frankfurt in Dortmund’s recent 4-0 win is an example.

There are a number of strikers who are considered to be “ready to eat” when what they do is not offside, move across the shoulder of the opponent defender and pass before the pass arrives. Gary Lineker has been criticized in the past, and in recent years when Cristiano Ronaldo has played more like a striker, he has been labeled as such.

But there are strikers who cannot do that only in the avoidance of offside. Haaland not only showed that he was smart enough in the matches with the defender of his team, but he was also able to score more difficult goals such as a left-footed 2-1 goal against PSG.

Haaland may be young but he is not young, and maturity at that level right from the age of 20 means the way to the Norwegian player’s fame is not too far away. Many people talk about the records Messi and Ronaldo broke over the past decade, see how far Haaland can reach.

Dortmund – Frankfurt: Second half jubilantly, taking second place temporarily

With home advantage, Dortmund immediately rushed to attack after the opening whistle. The home team did not take much time to dominate the game with a fierce attacking style, with the presence of the owner Erling Haaland, supported by Jadon Sancho and Thorgan Hazard.

Haaland (right) continued to have a successful match

Dortmund’s pressing style made Frankfurt reel and the goal came to the home team as a matter of course. 33rd minute, right-back Achraf Hakimi returned the favor to captain Lukasz Piszczek outside the penalty area, Dortmund’s number 26 controlled the ball a beat before launching a dangerous left-foot shot to open the match.

In the second half, Dortmund pushed the excitement to a new level. 49th minute, originating from the ball in the middle of Mats Hummels’ field, Axel Witsel poked Sancho into the left flank, making the author remove Frankfurt captain David Abraham and finish decisively into the near corner to increase the score to 2-0.

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The more the game played, then 5 minutes later, the home team continued to have the third goal. In the 54th minute, after a precise overlapping combination between Sancho and Hakimi, Dortmund’s right-back had the second assist in The match returned favorably for Haaland to score his eighth goal after just 5 matches for Dortmund.

The home side continued to play despite the substitutions to keep the pillars strong. The relaxed spirit helped Dortmund to have another goal in the 74th minute after a shot from outside the box like a left-footed defender from Raphael Guerreiro, setting the victory 4-0. With this result, Dortmund temporarily climbed to 2nd place in the table, equal to RB Leipzig but more indifferent and more than 1 match kicked.

Final: Dortmund 4-0 Frankfurt (1st half: 1-0)


Dortmund: Piszczek 33rd min, Sancho 49th min, Haaland 54th min, Raphael Guerreiro 74th min.


Dortmund: Burki, Zagadou, Piszczek, Hummels, Can, Witsel, Raphael,Hakimi, Guerreiro, Haaland, Sancho, Hazard.

Frankfurt: Trapp, Toure, Hinteregger, Abraham, Rode, N’Dicka, Ilsanker, Chandler, Gacinovic, Kostic, Andre Silva.
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