France Team: Why Does Karim Benzema Hate Olivier Giroud?

Perhaps apart from joining the French national team from 2011-2015, there is no common ground between Karim Benzema and Olivier Giroud. The Real striker hates compatriots like “digging the soil away” and does not miss any opportunity to ironically and decry this player. Why is Benzema “so hostile” to Giroud?

France Team: Why Does Karim Benzema Hate Olivier Giroud?

Karim Benzema disliked Olivier Giroud from their first meeting

On last Sunday, Karim Benzema held a live stream on Instagram to interact with fans and celebrities, including Aliens Ronaldo. It is worth mentioning that the Real striker did not hesitate to mock his compatriot Olivier Giroud when asked how he evaluated the current No. 1 striker of France.

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“Let’s not equate F1 racing with karting (a form of mini-formula racing) and I’m great. I know I’m an F1 … ”, Karim Benzema did not hesitate to decry Olivier Giroud right at the above Livestream.

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They used to wear the same Les Bleus shirt in the period of 2011-2015 but actually they had never had a good relationship. Rather, Benzema always despised Olivier Giroud. “If there is any comparison between Giroud and me, Benzema sees it as an insult,” the L’Equipe daily revealed.

Ever since Giroud’s first appearance in France against the United States (France won 1-0) on November 11, 2011, Karim Benzema has expressed his alienation from rookie from Montpellier. In the end, the “lazy cat” took the initiative to sit next to Franck Ribery, Kevin Gameiro, Yann M’Vila and did not forget to mock Giroud’s first performance at the team. In the eyes of Benzema, Giroud is not qualified to play for France.

Strangely, even Karim Benzema ridiculed, mocked and humbled himself, Olivier Giroud was almost “immune” to the bitter tongue of the former Lyon striker. Either he pretended to be deaf, or he heard but did not respond, and either he did not accept! “I have never heard Olivier criticize or complain about Karim,” a person close to the members of France said. It seems that the only thing the center of the 1.92m high interested in wearing Les Bleus shirt is how to integrate with the teammates and contribute as much as possible.

Benzema always looked down on and even scorned Giroud (left) but Giroud never reacted
Benzema always looked down on and even scorned Giroud (left) but Giroud never reacted

Until the journey to prepare for the 2014 World Cup finals, Olivier Giroud still thinks that Benzema still works with him as well as other teammates such as Ribery, Jeremy Menez, Samir Nasri, Mathieu Valbuena! The more Olivier Giroud, the more resilient he was, the more indignant Benzema became. Even when the former Montpellier striker extended his hand to congratulate Benzema in the dressing room after the Real striker ended 1,222 minutes in the French team by scoring a goal in the great victory of Australia 6-0 on 11/10 / 2013, he also ignored, passing as “Giroud vanish in the air” so.

Benzema failed in France because of … Olivier Giroud?

The culmination of the feud that Karim Benzema has for Giroud is in Brazil. At that time, Karim Benzema was indignant because he was pushed to the left in the 2014 World Cup, and Giroud was trusted by coach Didier Deschamps to play in the middle of the field in 4-3-3. In the 5-2 victory over Switzerland in the group stage and then defeat Nigeria 2-0 in the eighth round, the Chelsea striker was the first choice in the spearhead position of Gaulois Cock. A more technical, more powerful, more efficient Benzema that had to go to serve a “rough and wallless guy” (Benzema’s words)? The world is turned upside down!

Of course, that’s Benzema’s deduction. As for Deschamps, he simply found that with Giroud as a wall, Karim Benzema and Griezmann would maximize their mobility as well as their skilled personal skills. However, if everyone understands the idea of ​​Deschamps, Benzema does not think so. The 26-year-old striker at the time thought that only he deserved to kick in the center of the blue shirt team. Pride hurt. Therefore, in a failed career in France, Benzema always looked at Olivier Giroud as an agent causing that.

The last time Karim Benzema played for Les Bleus was a 4-0 victory over Armenia on October 8, 2015. In April 2016, he was banned from returning to France after the Valbuena blackmail scandal. In the eight and a half years devoted to Gaulois Cock, he has not won any titles. And also from that day, Benzema did not miss any opportunity to lower, mock, decry Giroud.

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Giroud did not measure another’s foot by his own lastNo matter how bad the relationship with Karim Benzema is in the eyes of the media, Olivier Giroud also denies that he “dislikes” the Real Madrid striker. “I do not care about how Karim Benzema reports about me, but if Arsenal buys him, I feel great. Benzema is a good striker and I have no problem pairing up with him, ”Giroud said in the summer of 2015 when there were rumors Arsenal would buy Benzema.”The mocking guy” BenzemaOlivier Giroud is not the only one that Karim Benzema disdains, sarcasm in France. To Mathieu Valbuena, Benzema once said: “He is drowned in the ocean floor. I don’t know where he is. “Antoine Griezmann was also trained by Karim Benzema when he first came Les Bleus. While emphasizing “Kylian Mbappe is a phenomenon, but to see in the long run,” even for French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet, Karim Benzema will not forgive. “It was I who was the only one who offered the end of my international career,” Benzema sarcastically when Mr. Le Graet insisted he had no way back to France.81Karim Benzema caught the eye of France in March 2007 and scored the goal in his debut (won Austria 1-0). From then until October 2015, Benzema played for Les Bleus 81 matches, scored 27 goals and ranked 10th in the list of the best strikers in the history of France.
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