Horse Racing: France Deauville Fixtures For Today – July 30

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 Deauville Fixtures


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Nemean LionJuteau M./Fabre A.39-127/1
Mediterranea BluesPacaut C./Wattel S.39-1013/2
Stern IdolBachelot T./S N.39-89/1
DecbouPeslier M./Head F.39-610/1
MixologistGuitraud C./Barberot Y.39-59/1
BreauteSoumillon C./Ferland C.39-34/1
Belgian PrinceBarzalona M./Rossi C. E.39-28/1
Palace MoonBoudot P. C./Graffard F. H.39-26/1
AviatriceGuyon M./Wattel S.39-114/1
AmiataDemuro C./Y B.38-1112/1
Berets VertsHardouin E./Collet R.38-1014/1
NoliverChesneau A./Vermeulen F.38-916/1
AbanLecoeuvre C./Thueux E.38-718/1
Fiamelca DoloisePasquier S./Bonin A.49-67/1
Patna DreamBadel A./Prod’homme D.49-633/1
Run AshorePacaut C./Nigge M.49-613/2
African FableMendizabal I./Collet R.49-625/1
ZighidiBachelot T./Lyon E.49-69/1
Cover BleuBarzalona M./Escuder C.49-56/1
Devil’s BoySoumillon C./Bietolini G.49-45/1
Gold BereCrastus A./Rolland M.49-412/1
EmmasamiclauClaudic J./Dahm M. B.49-425/1
Lady ArkadinaPerrette Q./Y B.49-312/1
SveaJourniac H./Nigge M.49-37/1
RidisiaMosse G./Pannier G.49-225/1
New TraffordMarcialis J./Rossi C.49-19/1
Always SomewhereBails L./Mlle M. C. A.48-136/1
MyboygillesCheminaud V./Caullery N.48-1314/1
Dirty DozenDemuro C./Mme D. S.48-1225/1
King CobraLemaitre A./Lotoux C.49-65/1
RosissimBarzalona M./V S.49-433/1
Dream LifeMosse G./Jean D.49-314/1
The Big SmokePouchin A./C&Y L.49-34/1
SeneparkGrosbois C./Foucher F.69-310/1
MisvaBoudot P. C./Escuder C.59-24/1
MasettoJourniac H./Nigge M.49-28/1
Soaring EagleBadel A./Cerulis S.69-15/1
Mister MagicCrastus A./Bietolini G.59-114/1
JaayizPacaut C./Lyon E.48-138/1
Le GitanHardouin E./Boutin C.58-1325/1
Falmouth LightPasquier S./Cerulis S.58-1314/1
Mainsail AtlanticPiccone T./Cerulis S.58-1240/1
BeamaSantiago D./Keppens J.78-1140/1
FootstepsanpieDemuro C./Botti G.48-1125/1
FofoMendizabal I./Smaga D.48-1120/1
Gold KafeBachelot T./L G.38-1312/1
Monsieur XooBenoist G./Barberot Y.38-135/1
Lettyt FightBoudot P. C./Cerulis S.38-139/1
VadsenaSoumillon C./Rouget J. C.38-101/1
GuerreiraMendizabal I./Pereira H.38-1012/1
MaccajaBadel A./M B.38-711/4

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