Fowler wants Man City to win the Champions League

Former England striker Robbie Fowler has cheered Man City on for the rest of the Champions League this season. 

Robbie Fowler publicly supports Real Madrid’s future victory

“People talk a lot about football coming back so that Liverpool can win the Premier League”, Fowler told The Mirror on June 1. “But I also want to see Man City crowned in the Champions League. They are a great team and not afraid of any opponent in the tournament. They are not bored Real Madrid – the opponent in the round of 16, and they are not afraid of Barcelona or Paris Saint Germain”.

Playing at the Bernabeu home field, Real Madrid lost to Man City for most of the match. They opened the scoring first thanks to Isco, after a series of mistakes on the visitors’ defense.  Real Madrid’s home advantage turned into a burden, as Man City scored twice in five minutes. De Bruyne contributed to both of these goals, with an assist for Jesus and a penalty kick. Jesus also made Ramos receive a red card directly near the end of the match.

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Man City player celebrate victory at Real Madrid Stadium in March
Man City player celebrate victory at Real Madrid Stadium in March

Coach Guardiola surprised when using four attacking players, Gabriel Jesus, Riyad Mahrez, Bernardo Silva, and Kevin de Bruyne. Thinking that Man City would use the familiar 4-3-3 scheme, they turned to 4-4-2. In it, De Bruyne and Silva played the highest, and Jesus was pushed to the left. This change helps Man City play more closely.

Man City still raise hopes of winning the Champions League next season

Man City won 2-1 on the  Real Madrid pitch in the first leg of the round of 1/8 this season and brightened the door to the quarterfinals. However, the Etihad Stadium are banned from attending European leagues in the next two seasons because of a “serious violation” of the Financial Equity law. Man City has appealed to the Sports Court (CAS), but the results have not been announced.

Man City and hope to continue playing the tournament
Man City and hope to continue playing the tournament

Historically, Man City has never won the Champions League. Their coach, Pep Guardiola, also missed an appointment with the prestigious cup in the past nine years, since his last coronation with Barcelona in 2011. The Champions League 2019-2020 has not yet finalized the plan to play the knockout rounds. remaining, although the format of one-on-one gathering at a location in August was taken into account.

“I think it is a big problem to get the Champions League back,” Fowler, who has previously played for Liverpool and ManCity”. Everyone has to isolate themselves after moving from one country to another, meaning teams cannot play for at least two weeks after each move in Europe. The most logical thing is to turn it into a tournament. The match takes place in a neutral city, with a knockout format. You can complete the tournament in 10 days.”

In the Champions League, four matches in the round of 1/8 cannot take place including ManCity Real Madrid, Bayern – Chelsea, Barca – Napoli, and Juventus – Lyon. The four teams that have made it to the quarterfinals are Leipzig, Atalanta, Paris Saint Germain, and Atletico. UEFA intends to wait for the domestic league to end before gathering all the teams to attend a Cup host city.