Austria agrees to host the F1 stage opening season

The Formula One 2020 race was “turned black and blue” by the Austrian government to start in July, after four months of delay due to Covid-19.

The big Formula One race is coming back in Austria first

Austria is ready to host two races of Formula One, scheduled for July 5 and July 12. The country’s health ministry said the Covid-19 situation was under control and possible sporting events. Even so, field attendees were still unable to attend, if two races were held. The venue for these two events will be in Spielberg village, 200 km southwest of Vienna. According to the announcement from the International Sports Car Federation, the teams are allowed to bring up to 80 people in each race

Formula One 2020 season will most likely start in Austria on July 5
Formula One 2020 season will most likely start in Austria on July 5

When the race returns on July 5, riders will spend more than half a year not competing. In early May, Lewis Hamilton admitted that taking too long to leave him motivated for the F1 tournament. Some people worry that the riders away from the steering wheel will make the quality of the race decreased or more prone to accidents.

The plunging spirit of the drivers before the tournament

“There are days after I wake up and sense sluggish. I do not have a lot of motivation to practice for the tournament. I wonder: ‘Then where are we going? What will appear next? Should I continue racing?”, Hamilton shared. Speaking at the Mental Health Awareness Week within the UK, the six-time global champion in Formula One continued: “The spirit, after all, is to feel good about your self. The problem lies in finding determine out how to make your self love your self. You should discover a manner to like yourself and be snug as your self.”

Hamilton is worried because the mental decline will affect the results of F1 this year
Hamilton is worried because the mental decline will affect the results of F1 this year

“I used to spend time with myself, to ensure to love myself. I attempt to understand what I do well after I do nicely and also reflect on consideration on failures. And don’t be too difficult for your self.” He continued.

Hamilton turned into eager to return to play, as he changed into having a risk to equalize Michael Schumacher’s file of seven Formula One championships. The British driving force is in his final 12 months of agreement with Mercedes and hopes that the time of the blockade due to the disease will make himself higher.

“If we do not enhance and develop at some stage in that time, what can we do? If we sit down and play, nothing will be given to us. We should keep combating for what we want and should long for.” thirstier than my opponent. I’m in good shape, however, I can continually be in better shape”, Hamilton said before the new information about Formula One racing tournament. 

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