Formula One announces a new calendar for the 2020 season

After much financial effort, spectators as well as riders’ problems, the Formula One organizers finally set the schedule for the 2020 season with the first 8 races.

The spectator race problem at Formula One 2020 tournament 

Uberto Selvatico Estense president of the Imola racetrack in San Marino (Italy) said the racetrack is ready to organize an alternative race if necessary, and of course, it will be an event without an audience.

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Hockenheim is also willing to return to Formula One if necessary
Hockenheim is also willing to return to F1 if necessary

After the Shanghai race was delayed in early February, the race track contacted the president of the Italian Automobile Club (ACI) Angelo Sticchi Damiani to discuss the possibility. However, that proposal became impossible when Italy became one of the largest epidemics in the world and the country was forced to issue a national closure.

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However, as F1 is currently planning to find out the date for the races without spectators, Mr. Uberto Selvatico Estense expects this offer will likely be approved in the last months of the year if the main covered with “green light”. An event without an audience is, of course, easier to organize than a race with a live audience. Mostly financially and ticketing requirements to pay organization fees.

“This situation is a good opportunity for us to host a Grand Prix this season. They need some race to maintain their contract with FIA and be a World Championship, so why not think of Imola?” Mr. Uberto said.  A “closed” event means that the organizers will not have to spend the cost of operating the stands, VIP areas, or other side events in the Fanzone.

Uberto Selvatico Estense has not yet presented this proposal to Formula One because the Imola process must be submitted to ACI first. If you look at the current schedule, if done, the most favorable time for Imola to be a doubleheader with “neighbor” Monza, is still scheduled for September 6.

F1 organizers announce the schedule of the first 8 stages of the 2020 season

Accordingly, the first race of the Formula One 2020 season will be held in Austria from July 3-5 and the second race will continue in Austria one week later (July 10-12). Next week, the third race will be held in Hungary (July 17-19). The fourth and fifth stages of the F1 season will be held at the famous Silverstone racecourse in the UK (July 31 to August 2 and August 7-9). The next leg of the race in Spain will be held (August 14-16).

After much effort, F1 has announced the schedule of the first 8 stages
After much effort, F1 has announced the schedule of the first 8 stages

After the first 6 races, the teams will take a week off before starting the races in Belgium (August 28-30) and Italy (4-6 September). Currently, the F1 organizers have only temporarily scheduled for the first 8 races and will update more in the future.

Thus, the fate of the Formula One race in Vietnam (Vietnam GP) has not been determined yet in 2020. According to the original schedule, Vietnam GP will be held on April 5 in My Dinh ( Hanoi) but postponed. According to Inside Racing, the organizers are still looking for a reasonable schedule for Vietnam GP in the near future.

Recently, the Formula One organizers have issued 5 basic rules to bring the races back. Among them is one of the wishes of Mr. Uberto Selvatico Estense, which is to test all the participants in the race, minimize the number of people attending a race, try to keep distance, and isolate when traveling, transfer from the airport, hotel, etc. The final rule is that the races will be held without the audience.

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