Former MU coach Van Gaal was angry with Van Persie at the World Cup

Van Persie is one of the students of coach Van Gaal. However, that does not mean that sanctions will be avoided.

Manchester United legend is Robin Van Persie when he moves to MU

After the 2014 World Cup closed, from the success with “Orange Whirlwind”, Louis Van Gaal has accepted to lead MU. During his time in power, the 68-year-old military leader had the opportunity to reunite the talented student Robin Van Persie. However, this is the time when the former Arsenal star disappointed and showed signs of aging. And yet, the striker born in 1983 often faces injuries.

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Van Persie and his only English Premier League title
Van Persie and his only English Premier League title

Joining Arsenal at the age of 20 with a £3 million contract from Feyenoord, Robin Van Persie spent eight years under Arsene Wenger, before deciding to leave Emirates to move to Manchester United in the year 2012. At the time, this deal made the former Dutch striker the “real traitor” in the eyes of the Gunners fans.

At Old Trafford, Van Persie exploded in his first season, and he was instrumental in helping the Reds win the final Premier League title under Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign. In fact, the career of “Flying Dutchman” at Old Trafford could have been extended if Sir Alex had not suddenly decided to retire.

Former MU coach once “slapped” Robin Van Persie

In one recent sharing, when asked about memorable things with three teachers Louis Van Gaal (Netherlands, MU), Arsene Wenger (Arsenal), and Sir Alex (MU), Van Persie revealed difficult memories. forgot with “Steel Tulip” at the 2014 World Cup.

Coach Van Gaal with Rooney and Van Persie
Coach Van Gaal with Rooney and Van Persie

Specifically, in the quarter-final against Costa Rica, when the match entered extra time, coach Van Gaal asked Van Persie to play because he saw signs of injury. However, despite the fact that the teacher screamed in the street, the former Dutch striker still refused to leave the pitch.

“When 120 minutes of the game ended, we were on the edge of the field, suddenly Coach Van Gaal approached me and slapped me a painful blow. He was very angry when he said: “Never do that to me again.”

His sudden action really surprised me. Before leaving, Coach Van Gaal stressed: “Please stay on the field and remember to make a successful penalty.”

In the aforementioned match between the Netherlands and Costa Rica, after the two teams drew 0-0, the Netherlands won 4-3 in penalties. Notably, Van Persie was the pioneer who successfully made the first 11m result.

Coach Van Gaal 

Returning to coach Van Gaal, after only two years of sticking with the “Red Devils”, the former Dutch strategist was dismissed because he could not bring the red half into Manchester to attend the 2016/17 Champions League.

Meanwhile, Van Persie has just retired in 2019, the left-footed player spent 11 years in the English Premier League in Arsenal and MU (from 2004 to 2015), before ending his career in shirt colors of two teams Fenerbahce and Feyenoord (2015 to 2019).

Answering about the best coach he has worked with, Van Persie added. “I appreciate Sir Alex Ferguson above all. He is a genius coach. Meanwhile, Coach Wenger is probably a combination of coach Sir Alex Ferguson and Van Gaal. He always insists on positive things and works for long-term goals. Tactically, Coach Van Gaal is excellent. Nobody can deny that.” Van Persie concluded.

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