Football player news: Ronaldo “Fat” And Cristiano Ronaldo

Football player news: Ronaldo de Lima is taking solid steps on the path of business, after retiring from the peak of his playing career. Another side, Spanish media has announced that Cristiano Ronaldo has secretly agreed with David Beckham’s Inter Miami club to prepare for the future after leaving Juventus.

How is Ronaldo “fat” now after retirement football?

Referring to Ronaldo de Lima, “Fat” or “Aliens,” football fans must still remember a legendary striker, the football player who has swept the European turf. By the time he retired in 2011, he had gone through 6 professional clubs, won 18 collective titles with 2 World Cups, 2 Copa America with Brazil, and 2 Golden Balls.

Ronaldo’s illustrious career “fat” also comes with a series of scandals both on and off the pitch. At the time of breaking up football, the former football player born in 1976 was still in a state of being overweight at a high level, and the number of assets lost quite a lot because of insatiable playfulness.

Football player
Ronaldo de Lima used to be overweight

However, Ronaldo de Lima soon realized the negative in his life, unlike his teammates such as Ronaldinho, Adriano was “out of pocket”. “Fat” has decided to venture into the market and achieve certain business successes.

Since 2011, Ronaldo has started buying shares and participating in many major sports marketing companies around the world. He co-owns the F1 A1 Brazilian racing team, co-owns sports marketing company 9INE, has a stake in Fort Lauderdale Strikers Club. In 2015, Ronaldo opened 8 new branches of the Ronaldo Football Academy in China, the United States and Brazil.

In August 2018, Ronaldo de Lima announced his decision to buy a 51% stake in Real Valladolid, the club currently playing in La Liga for 30 million euros and becoming the president of this club. The former success of the former Brazil football player was to help Valladolid stay in the highest league in Spain, and earn 6 million euros in profits last season.

Ronaldo de Lima has transformed into a successful businessman

Currently, the assets of Ronaldo de Lima are valued at about $ 150 million. According to Forbes forecasts, this number could double in the near future, if Ronaldo’s business continues to advance.

Cristiano Ronaldo secretly agreed with David Beckham’s club for the future?

Cristiano Ronaldo will end his contract with Juventus in June 2022 when he turns 37. At that age, Ronaldo can hardly play peak football in Europe.

This may be the main reason why the Portuguese football player has not renewed the contract, some Italian newspapers also spread rumors that Juventus wants to give Ronaldo a new contract until 6/2024. by the time CR7 has turned 39 years old.

Football player
CR7 has only 2 years left to sign with Juventus

However, a source from Don Balon reported that Ronaldo had a secret agreement with David Beckham to switch to Inter Miami after ending his contract with Juventus at the end of the 2021/22 season.

On the side of David Beckham, the former Manchester United and England football player hopes to recruit many stars of the world football village to polish the name of a new team with more than 2 years of age, Inter Miami. In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, Beckham also plans to recruit David Silva, Lionel Messi or Neymar.

Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo is still maintaining a good scoring style at Juventus, despite turning hash age. The Portuguese forward scored 25 goals in 32 appearances for Juventus this season.

Beckham wants to recruit both Ronaldo and Messi for Inter Miami
In an interview on the occasion of his 35th birthday last month, Cristiano Ronaldo affirmed his ambition to play football until he was 40 years old thanks to his extremely scientific diet, exercise and rest.