Football News today 17/10: Solskjaer closes the future of Pogba

Football News today 17/10 : Solskjaer closes  the future of Pogba. Mourinho kicked Wenger swirling. Soccer Schedule today.

Solskjaer closes Pogba’s future | Football News today 17/10 

Midfielder Paul Pogba once made many fans angry when hinting about his dream of wearing Real Madrid. But in a recent interview, coach Solskjaer confirmed the future of the French player.

Accordingly in Football News today, it seems that MU has activated a one-year extension clause with Pogba. Before that, his contract was only valid until the summer of 2021.

“Pogba is a MU player and he will stay here for two more years,” Solskjaer announced. “I am sure that Pogba is focused on giving his all and we want to see his best. I am sure that in the next few years, we will bring out the best from him. “

Solskjaer announced that Pogba will stay at MU for two more seasons

Mourinho kicked Wenger swirling

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has just released a memoir entitled “My Life in Red and White.” It is noteworthy that in this book there is no mention of events related to coach Jose Mourinho even though the two of them. used to be a great rival for a while.

When asked why he was not in Wenger’s book, Mourinho took advantage of his old opponent: “Because he never beat me.”

“You are not going to write a chapter about 12 to 14 matches without any victory, so why should he talk about me in his book? The book is what makes you happy and proud, so I completely understand the situation ”.

Mourinho attacks old opponents

Ronaldo insisted that he did not break the quarantine regulations

Striker Cristiano Ronaldo has moved from Portugal to Italy while still suffering from the Covid-19 virus. His action sparked controversy and the Italian sports minister claimed that Ronaldo had broken the quarantine regulations.

During the livestream on Instagram yesterday, Ronaldo broke the silence to explain this issue. He confirmed that he did not break the quarantine regulations and accused the Italian sports minister as a liar.

“I didn’t break any rules. They are saying I broke the law in Italy but those are just lies, ”Ronaldo stated.

“I have spoken to my team and it is my responsibility to do what is right. Everything has been agreed with the authorities. Basically, this Italian man I will not name lied. I am complying with quarantine regulations ”.

Ronaldo said he did not break the quarantine regulations

Juventus spent 400 million euros to buy Mbappe – Football News today 17/10

Football News today Italian Tuttosport has just announced that Juventus is preparing 400 million euros to recruit PSG striker Kylian Mbappe.

The source said that the Allianz team was ready to let Ronaldo go in the opposite direction to welcome Mbappe because they did not have the budget to pay both.

However, PSG is not interested in any swap deal as their ages are too different. If the deal happens, Mbappe will officially overtake Neymar and become the most expensive player in the world.

Juventus wants to shock Mbappe

Man City received bad news before the Arsenal war

Tonight, Man City will have a match against Arsenal in the 5th round of the Premier League. The Etihad home team received bad news when midfielder Kevin De Bruyne was unable to attend this match due to injury.

“Unfortunately, Kevin will be absent,” Guardiola said. “I don’t think this injury is serious but I think he will be absent from the next match. We will monitor Kevin’s situation every day. I cannot answer the question of how long he will be absent because the situation is unknown. ”