Football News 16/3: Liverpool’s championship is lying on 19 clubs

The latest football news information in top clubs MU, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barca, La Liga on March 16 will be updated continuously. Marca revealed that, as scheduled on Tuesday (March 17), the Spanish Football Federation, La Liga and clubs will meet in Cadiz to vote on “the Braithwaite law”.

The championship of Liverpool is in 19 clubs

Liverpool could slip their first Premier League title in 30 years if 14 Premier League clubs agree to cancel the season.

According to The Sun football news, Liverpool’s fate is in the hands of 19 other teams in the tournament. That’s because Premier League leaders may have to call for a referendum if this season can’t go on as planned.

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In case 14/19 clubs vote to cancel the season, Liverpool will not be able to win the championship even though they are 25 points behind the team.

Pogba raised money against COVID-19 on his birthday

On his 27th birthday, Paul Pogba launched a fundraising call to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic and publicly displayed on the social media and football news.

On football news social media, the French midfielder posted a link to his call which he hopes will reach at least £ 27,000 a day.

Pogba’s message when setting up anti-COVID-19 fund

If this goal becomes a reality, Pogba promises to spend another £ 27,000 from himself to contribute to the fund.

Pogba wrote: “With your help, I hope today we can reach 27,000 pounds to help fight this war and I will double that amount if I reach my goal. It will be sufficient to provide: 333,332 pairs of disposable gloves for health workers + 2,777 surgical masks to help prevent further spread + 9,615 sets of ventilation glasses ”.

Two more Valencia players were positive for COVID-19

Valencia announced that five people from the club had tested positive for COVID-19. After Garay, there are more Mangala and Gaya infected, plus 2 other employees.

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Garay was the first La Liga player to be COVID-19 positive

This is the first team in La Liga to have a COVID-19 positive case when Spain is becoming the second-largest outbreak in Europe.

Valencia’s Atalanta rivals Valencia, shortly after returning from Spain on Tuesday, gave all of their members 7-10 days of complete isolation.

MU and Barca pursue Turkish talent

MU and Barca are among the European clubs that are interested in Fenerbahce’s young talent, Omer Beyaz.

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According to Fotospor, City, Real Madrid, Juventus and Inter Milan are also targeting the 16-year-old attacking midfielder.

Beyaz’s contract expires in June 2021 and Fenerbahce risks losing another top talent. The Turkish team had previously let Merih Demirus leave in 2016 and is currently playing for Juventus.

La Liga voted to abolish the “Braithwaite law”.

Marca revealed that, on Tuesday (March 17), the Spanish Football Association, La Liga and clubs will meet in Cadiz to vote whether or not to continue the implementation of the law “allowing the team to sign a contract with the club.” new players when there are long-term injuries cases even though the transfer market has been closed. ”

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Martin Braithwaite to Barca controversy in February

This comes from the notoriety in the case of Barcelona signing Martin Braithwaite from Leganes in February. Notably, the governing team after losing Braithwaite was not allowed to sign additional. In addition, the Spanish Football Federation is expected to vote on the abolition of the arbitration age limit.

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