Football Events Are Officially Suspended Because Of Covid-19

The fate of football events: the UEFA EURO 2020 and Serie A are suspended when Europe continues the outbreak of intense Covid-19, in which the Italian side (the most affected country on the continent) has just called on UEFA to postpone the tournament or the match. Opening at Olimpico Stadium (Rome) on June 12. 

Italy and the Covid-19 pandemic: Call for postponement of EURO 2020

The appeal was made by President of the Italian Association of Players (AIC) Damiano Tommasi and many football stars after the government had a plan to isolate Lombardy, home to about 10 million people, as well as 11 provinces in 4 other regions due to Covid-19 cases, increased to more than 5,000 and more than 230 deaths.

Earlier, the Italian government issued a ban on supporters to support football events until April 3.4 to prevent the spread of the disease. In particular, the Covid-19 translation has caused 10 Serie A games to be pushed back a week, while 2 semi-finals of the Italian Cup also fall into the same case.

The match on the Allianz Stadium between Juve and Inter this morning had no spectators
The match on the Allianz Stadium between Juve and Inter this morning had no spectators

Serie A was officially suspended because of Covid-19, Ronaldo sat down for how long?

On the morning of March 9, Italy recorded 133 more deaths from the Covid-19 epidemic, bringing the country’s total deaths to 366 people (an increase of 57.1% compared to the previous day). The number of new cases recorded during the day increased by 1,326 cases, bringing the total number of new infections in Italy to 7,375 cases (up 25.4%).

Serie A worry
Serie A worry

Only 33 cases were recorded recovering on March 8, bringing the total number of recovery cases in the country to 622 cases. Those are clearly alarming numbers, especially when the Serie A league was still going on in the absence of the audience.

According to the latest news from the Italian press, Italian Olympic Committee president Giovanni Malago ordered all football events in the country to be suspended until April 3. This means that Serie A will be suspended and Ronaldo and his teammates will have to sit for nearly a month.

This is the latest conclusion made after an urgent meeting in Rome afternoon 9/3 to align with the policy of the Italian government. Currently, the progress of the Corona epidemic in the boot-shaped country is extremely complicated as the number of infections continues to rise, along with the highest mortality rates in the world.

According to the revelation from Giovanni Malago himself, this proposal was submitted to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora and soon approved. Thus, football events of the Italian league system will have to pause immediately instead of playing without an audience as last weekend.

Balotelli spoke up
Balotelli spoke up

Many top stars have also said they want to be at home instead of having to play the game. The latest is the case of striker Mario Balotelli. The Italian striker thinks money is important but will not be able to buy himself.

Striker Brescia said that he loves football more than they do (organizers Serie A), but having to travel by bus, train, plane, sleep in hotels and interact with too many people will increase the risk of infection.
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