Top of FO4 tactics hit the world

To be able to play an interesting match, building a tactical squad of FIFA Online 4 is what most gamers are extremely headache. Must know how to use the most tactical plan to bring advantages to your team. Below we will share the top 3 FO4 tactics that dominate the world.

Diagram of attack tactics

This is a favorite diagram of gamers who have the advantage of having good players in the team. The tactical map of the FO4 attack will be 4-1-2-3, the advantage of this diagram is the balance and control of the game from front lines to defenders. The attacking FO4 tactic also varies from the middle to the wing corridor.

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In general, 75 play speed will be used for offensive situations. The distance of the lines in the pitch is moderate so the passing speed is 50. The assurance of the squad distance is not much disturbance makes it difficult for the opponent to attack seamlessly.

Implementing the FO4 tactic with 50 passes to support the rising strikes of the striker. Crossing the ball to the cross at a speed of 50 helps situations towards the center and long-range. Pulling the striker into the penalty area to receive the ball and shoot with a speed of 33 is reasonable.

This tactic will defend by applying pressure 45 and assertiveness 45 to make the entry into the ball more moderate and more accurate. The range is at an average of 55 in order to moderate the squad when defending.

Counter-attacking tactics of defense

With a defensive counterattack diagram, 5-2-1-2 is a playing style that brings high efficiency for gamers. Counterattack is the best FO4 tactic to penetrate the opponent’s defense. Because when the opponent focuses on keeping the ball and attacking, your players will defend and the higher the opponent is, the more space they have in their court, the more likely they are to create a sharp counter-attack much simpler.

This tactical scheme has a strong point that both our attack and defense always ensure sufficient manpower to perform. Using the FO4 defensive strategy to counterattack 5-2-1-2 will create a lot of ways to attack from the midfield bounce phase to the overlapping wing also easier. Also with the defense using 3 CB is very easy to operate if you are not good at playing defense.

Pressing heights

The high pressing team of 4-2-2-2 is a single FO4 tactical formation with the middle line consisting of 2 central midfielders and 2 left midfielders, 2 right midfielders or 2 midfielders who use the wings. This strategy is mainly used, it is the use of two midfielders to attack the wings to implement the intent of the high pressing style of kick. Speed ​​up the passing of long lines from the full-back from the wing to 2 forwards and 2 on the left and right.

Using these FO4 tactics, there will be 3 defensive layers including 2 strikers, 2 wingers and 2 central midfielders to make the goal strong. The task of the shuttle midfielder in the middle is to block the ball and the two wingers will approach and support the opposing team.

This FO4 tactic is only implemented well when you have a very strong and quality squad in all 3 routes to be able to complete the task at that location. When playing this strategy, it requires the players to constantly move to pressure the opponent as well as switch wings suddenly to create mutations.

The pressing tactic must use two strong defensive players to take care of their home defense, and in the disputed phase, it is also necessary to catch the opponent’s next passes to move.

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