Fluminense vs Flamengo prediction on September 10th, 2020

Fluminense vs Flamengo prediction – Fluminense vs Flamengo is a confrontation that will take place at 08h0 on 10/09. This is the match that belongs to the 2nd round of the MLS tournament. Current Fluminense vs Flamengo performance is of equal strength.

Will the outcome of this match between Fluminense vs Flamengo be like? Invite you to come to the judgment of the world of Fluminense vs Flamengo prediction football right in the following article.

Fluminense vs Flamengo prediction
Fluminense vs Flamengo prediction


  • Fluminense: Marcos Paulo Costa Do Nascimento, Egidio de Araujo Pereira Junior, Rodrigo Junior Paula Silva,Digao, Marcilio Florencia Mota Filho, Marcos Felipe de Freitas Monteiro, Nino, Lucas Felipe Calegari, Hudson Rodrigues dos Santos, Douglas Moreira Fagundes, Michel Araujo, Anderson Luiz de Carvalho Nene, Evanilson
  • Flamengo: Willian Souza Arao da Silva, Mauricio Isla, Rodrigo Caio Coquette Russo, Leo Pereira, Giorgian De Arrascaeta Benedetti, Rene Rodrigues Martins, Gabriel Batista, Thiago Maia Alencar Everton Augusto de Barros Ribeiro, Pedro Rocha Neves, Pedro Guilherme Abreu dos Santos


  • 16/07/2020 – Flamengo 0 – 1 Fluminense (1st half: 0 – 0)
  • 13/07/2020 – Fluminense 1 – 2 Flamengo (Half 1: 0 – 1)
  • 07/09/2020 – Fluminense 1 – 1 Flamengo (Half 1: 1 – 0)
History record of Fluminense vs Flamengo
History record of Fluminense vs Flamengo


Fluminense has been in quite a stable form recently when being unbeaten in the last 4 consecutive matches with 3 wins and 1 draw, which includes 3 matches in this arena and the rest of the match. The national cup match with a 3-0 victory over a team playing in second place is Figueirense. In addition, they also have a very good home record when they have not lost a match this season on all fronts with 3 wins and 2 draws. With that achievement, coach Odair Hellmann’s army is in seventh place in the standings with 11 points, scoring 8 goals and receiving 7 goals, in which their weakness is in away matches when they are new. Only get 3 points after 1 win and 2 losses.

Flamengo is currently performing as expected to be the current champion of this tournament as they are getting 14 points after 8 matches with 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, just behind the leading team. Internacional 2 points and play more than 1 match. In addition, this team owns the best away record right now with 9 points after 4 matches. The more impressive is that if at the beginning of the season, the Maracana home team played very badly when they all lost, then 6 consecutive matches then they were unbeaten, even won the last 3 matches, scoring 8 goals and received 5 goals. In the last round, Flamengo defeated Fortaleza with a score of 2-1, worth mentioning that in that match they had a completely overwhelming stance, holding the ball 61% and the number of shots on target 4 times. compared to this opponent.

Flamengo is the team that holds more advantages in this match
Flamengo is the team that holds more advantages in this match

This is a match that is said to be a lot of debt and possessing power does not have much difference. However, despite having home advantage and good performance recently, this is a confrontation that is expected to be not easy for Fluminense players because, in terms of stability, they are outnumbered. In addition, in the last 4 encounters between these two teams, Flamengo is unbeaten with 3 wins and 2 draws, notably 3/4 of these matches took place in July. 


After 7 rounds, only Fluminense won 6 points. The poor performance caused Fluminense to soon face a very fierce relegation battle in the Brazilian league. Currently, Fluminense is ranked 16th on the rankings and the distance between them and the group holding the red light is only 1 point. Fluminense’s eighth-round opponent, Flamengo, is ranked 4th on the rankings with 13 points. Flamengo had a bad start to the season when he was busy with Copa Libertadores. However, when setting aside the continental arena, Flamengo completely transformed in the domestic league. Last 6 games Flamengo won 5 matches on all fronts.

On an upcoming trip to Fluminense, Flamengo suffered a loss of force when the three pillars of Gustavo Cuellar, Giorgian de Arrascaeta and Miguel Trauco were busy on national duties. However, on the ring, Flamengo still received almost absolute confidence in the ability to win. Flamengo had the worst results in the history of the confrontation between two teams on Fluminense’s field. On the last trip to Fluminense at the end of March 2019, Flamengo won 2-1, but it was only a temporary result.

Knowing that at the first time bringing the Fluminense vs Flamengo match, 05:00 on June 10, on the trading floor, the fans felt even more about the safety of customer selection. Flamengo lost 3 players because of his national duty, Fluminense also did not have the service of main striker Pedro for the same reason. In addition, Fluminense also lost the army with 4 other players unable to play due to injuries and penalty cards. Therefore, experts predict football scores believe that the home team of Maracana will leave with all 3 points on this trip.

Our final score Fluminense vs Flamengo prediction is 1 – 2