Floyd Mayweather is about to re-export: $600 million to return the ring

In the latest revelation, Floyd Mayweather confirmed that he could return to the boxing floor if he offered $ 600 million.

Floyd Mayweather is a “Single-handedly defeated” with 50 career victories and not losing any matches. Because of being an immortal monument in the world of boxing, many of the famous boxers want to bring down Mayweather.

Despite announcing retirement three times, no one believes the first boxer to earn a billion dollars will retire, boxing matches or MMA are still “queuing” for Floyd Mayweather to re-export.

Performance after two years of training

After two matches with Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor helped the 43-year-old boxer earned about $500 million. That only helped the American puncher get rich quick thanks to the historical fortress.

The "money fight" with McGregor helped Floyd Mayweather make a lot of money
The “money fight” with McGregor helped Floyd Mayweather make a lot of money

In 2017, The American boxer insists he only needs three weeks of training and has played a key part in the money battle a month ago with Conor McGregor. Floyd Mayweather has hung gloves since the end of 2015, and only accepted to return to the ring after reaching a deal worth more than $ 300 million, triple that of Conor McGregor, and more boxing match between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao two years earlier.

Despite a two-year break, Mayweather easily got a victory over her first-time professional boxing opponent. He started to dominate the second half after the first three rounds gave way to the Irish opponent. The 40-year-old boxer did not defeat McGregor immediately but took the opponent to the 10th half before the referee treated the UFC punch losing to technical knock-out.

“If I blow him away in the first half, there is nothing left to talk about” the former world boxing champion said. “If we keep the game longer than expected, it will be worth watching and have more to say.”

Floyd Mayweather beat McGregor with a technical knock-out in 2017
Floyd Mayweather beat McGregor with a technical knock-out in 2017

Mayweather also asserted that he had taken refuge in his 11-year-old opponent. “He has a whole career ahead and is still very young. The game, if I hit it right, can be very dangerous. That forced me to think about the possibility that McGregor would end everything in the hospital, be brain damage, and no one could find him “.

Floyd Mayweather offered a hefty price for his return

After hanging up gloves in 2017 with a perfect 50-0 record, Mayweather seems to still not want to retire because he still has many opportunities to make money if he returns to the ring.

In a recent share on FightHype, Mayweather said: “The Loneliness to Defeat” admits it will be hard to turn down an attractive future offer to wear gloves again: “If I see it’s a chance, I have entertainment and play for a while to make about 600 million USD. Why not.” 

American punches do not want to stop
American punches do not want to stop

Not long ago, news of the second battle between Mayweather and McGregor was rekindled, or even the fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov was left open. The problem now is only money, according to the boxers born in 1977.

“The people who want to fight me are all young warriors, but so far there are no numbers that interest me enough to return to the ring. I am practicing, playing, and enjoying life. But I will never know anything, I do not want to retire completely” Mayweather said.

According to The Sun, Mayweather made about $800 million from 50 matches to win boxing throughout her career. According to Forbes estimates, the actual wealth of American boxers has reached more than $1 billion.

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