Five Iconic Colors Of Porsche Racing Cars

With more than 70 years of experience in all speed arenas, this brand proud past is as colorful as their resounding victories. Today we take a look at the 5 most legendary livery colors in this brand sports car history, along with a legendary car that almost wins every race with the most outstanding livery colors from the Porsche family – 917.

917 – Chassis No.001 – White & green

Five Iconic Colors Of Porsche Racing Cars

Introducing the 917 – chassis No. 001, a pleasure to be completed just 2 days before the 1969 Geneva Motor Show officially opens. This brand new racing car is the first of a total of 24 cars produced at the request of FIA’s Group 4 tournament system.

Chassis number 1 is just a car introduced to the press, never appearing on the track. Although there were many colors in the past, the Porsche Museum restored the 917 to its original white-green color in 2019. Advanced 3D technology is used to restore most of the original parts during car restoration on the occasion of the Porsche 917’s 50th anniversary.

917/20 ‘Pink Pig’

Five Iconic Colors Of Porsche Racing Cars

The next most outstanding candidate will lead us to a field that doesn’t really matter, that’s…pork. Indeed, the 917/20 is a ‘one-off’ version of the Porsche-branded 917 series in 1971. 917/20 is the result of a combination of this brand and a French company named SERA, combining the best aerodynamic features between the 917K and 917L versions. 917/20 is 24 cm wider than conventional 917, making the wheel fit into the cavity. The wide, round body is the inspiration that made the designers decide to paint the car into a pink color, pierced with broken lines with the name of each meat part – as butchers write down each piece of information on it. A huge lump of pork – the thing that quickly made 917/20 nicknamed “Pink Pig”.

Although this “pig” was quite photogenic when competing at Lemans in 1971, it, unfortunately, regained its position at about 3 am because the braking problem caused the car to crash out of the track and could not continue to compete. However, the “pig” was later revamped and on display at the Porsche Museum to this day.

Porsche 917 LH – Martini Livery

Five Iconic Colors Of Porsche Racing Cars

When it comes to racing sponsor brands, not many names can compete fairly with Martini Racing. The Martini Racing 917 LH with livery unfortunately regrettably failed to finish the main battle at Lemans in 1971, but it was certainly appealing to fans. After an engine failure in 1970, Porsche brought the car back to Lemans in 1971 when it improved the car with test results from the wind tunnel, helping the car reach a speed of 380km / h on the legendary straight line Mulsanne.

Livery changed from the ‘chaotic’ green-purple ‘psychedelic’ color to the three Martini signature colors: blue, red and silver. Although it was commented that the model was ‘quite black’ when constantly having problems that made it unable to climb to the top of glory, this is the first car to reach an average speed of 240km / h during the race, breaking the Recordset earlier in Lemans.

Porsche 917 KH – Gulf Livery

Standing in second place is the 917 from the British JW Racing racing team, competing in the 1970 and 1971 seasons. Featuring two pale blue – Gulf greens with a unique short-tail design, making it a become one of the most famous cars in the history of world racing of all time.

After another 917 also shared the livery Gulf design that appeared in actor Steve McQueen’s ‘Le Mans’ in 1971, it is understandable that people consider this to be the most famous 917 of this brand home. What’s more, the two colors of light blue – orange is not simply a combination of colors, today you can choose a brand new Porsche with this famous Gulf exterior ‘package’.

Porsche 917 KH – Red Salzburg

In the first place is the 917 that holds an important milestone in this brand racing history with unmistakable color design. This is the car that won the first absolute Lemans for Porsche in 1970 – Porsche 917 in red Salzburg. Behind the wheel are two talented riders Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann, the 917 KH took the upper hand at the 24-hour Lemans race in 1970 and brought glory to this brand.

The prominent 917 white and red livery number 917 is inspired by the Austrian national flag color, sponsored by its dealership in Salzburg, Austria and owned by the sister of Ferry Porsche – Louise H. Piech. Surprisingly, Louise’s son Ferdinand Porsche was the head of its manufacturing department and was responsible for the birth of 917.

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