Finalizing the start of the AFF Cup 2020

The ASEAN Football Championship is a football tournament between Southeast Asian national football teams organized by the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) organization.

Vietnam is the defending champion
Vietnam is the defending champion 

About the AFF 

The tournament was first held in Singapore in 1996 under the name of Tiger Cup (Tiger Cup) with 10 teams and the first champion was Thailand. The name of the Tiger Cup was kept until the end of the 5th tournament (2004). At the 6th tournament (2007), the tournament is also known as the AFF Championship. The 7th tournament (in 2008), the Southeast Asia football championship is called the 2008 AFF Suzuki Cup (English: AFF Suzuki Cup 2008) because the Japanese car company Suzuki bought the right to name the tournament. and thus, the tournament was named AFF Suzuki Cup for sponsorship reasons. All subsequent events are named after the 7th but differ only in the number of years held.

Up to now, in 12 times of organizing the tournament, there have been 4 championship teams, including Thailand has won five titles, Singapore has four titles, Vietnam has two titles and Malaysia with one title.

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Recent Champion

The most recent championship was in 2018, the Vietnam team was crowned Southeast Asian champion, after defeating Malaysia with a total score of 3–2 in the first and second finals.

The Southeast Asian Football Federation has just officially announced the start of the AFF Cup 2020 – the tournament in which Vietnam is the defending champion, the AFF Cup 2020 will take place at the end of 2020 with the final round held on December 31. Compared to the AFF Cup 2018, this schedule of the AFF Cup 2020 is about half a month later.

AFF 2020

The AFF Cup 2020 is later than usual because Southeast Asian teams will play in FIFA’s international series (around November 15-19) with matches in the 2022 World Cup and Asian Cup qualifiers. Cup 2023. AFF wants the national teams in Southeast Asia to perform well in continental competitions, so they decided to delay the AFF Cup time to be delayed later.


Accordingly, the tournament will open on November 23 and end on the last day of 2020 (December 31). Thus, compared to the AFF Cup 2018, the AFF Cup 2020 takes place about half a month later. The reason for this delay is that Southeast Asian teams are still busy in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers.

The format of the AFF Cup 2020 will remain the same as the AFF Cup 2018, in which 10 participating teams are divided into 2 tables, the teams will play 2 home matches and 2 away matches in the group stage.

Thailand is the most successful team in the AFF Cup history with 5 championships. Singapore ranked 2nd with 4 championships. Vietnam has 2 championships and Malaysia has 1 time.