Thailand vs Indonesia In The Final AFF U22

In the final AFF U22, Thailand will meet Indonesia. In the previous third match, Vietnam faced the host of Cambodia. These two matches take place on February 26.

Thailand meets Indonesia

Thailand drew Cambodia with a score of 0-0 after two main and extra half. On the penalty shootout, the Thai players displayed outstanding bravery when successfully executed all five shots. Meanwhile, Kakada kicked in the second round of Cambodia causing the home team to miss the last match.

In the second semi-final, Cambodia was a better team due to the home advantage and the spirit of rising after the successful group stage. The home team played the lead but Thailand defended firmly and did not allow Cambodia to create many opportunities.

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The level of the visitors showed after halftime when they regained the game and put pressure on goalkeeper Hul Kimhuy. However, the Thai striker lacked the sharpness to finish the opponent in the half. The scenario was repeated in two extra innings when Thailand was the team playing on the foot but had no goal.

On the penalty shootout, Thailand made no mistake and won with a score of 5-3.

Indonesia won the final AFF U22

Both teams entered the final with an unbeaten record. In particular, Thailand drew Vietnam 0-0 in the group stage and overcame host Cambodia in the semi-finals with a penalty shootout. Indonesia drew Myanmar, Malaysia and beat Cambodia in the group stage, before overcoming Vietnam 1-0 in the semi-finals with a lucky goal and the help of the referee.

Underestimated, but Indonesia repeatedly created dangerous opportunities. 5 minutes, the redshirt players coordinated beautifully put Osvaldo in a favorable position but the cushion of the ball at a distance of 5m was excellent goalkeeper Korraphat saved.

After the first few minutes of deviation, to the 19th minute, Thailand attacked dangerously and shot the ball through the goalkeeper. Fauzi (Indonesia) blocked the ball with his hand on the goal, but referee Nguyen Hien Triet did not blow the penalty.

Indonesia unexpectedly defeated Thailand 2-1 to win the championship.
Indonesia unexpectedly defeated Thailand 2-1 to win the championship.

At the end of the first final aff u22 half, Indonesia was still a better team, creating many turbulent but still unable to penetrate the Thai net.

At the beginning of the second half, Thailand pushed up the squad in succession. 57 minutes, they concretize the advantage with a goal. From the free-kick, the ball is suspended to the central defender captain Saringkan to head high and hit the net in Indonesia.

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The advantage of the blue shirt players does not last long. Only two minutes later, they conceded. Just like a goal against Vietnam in the semi-final, the god of luck helped Indonesia when a shot from outside the penalty area of ​​Sani Fauzi hit the Thai central defender and changed the direction of the net.

By the 64th minute, Indonesia took the lead. From the free-kick, the ball was thrown into the penalty area to striker Osvaldo headed backward, goalkeeper Korraphat had touched the ball, but still could not save Thailand.

Referee Hien Triet pulled out a card to chase Indonesian players at the end of the match.
Referee Hien Triet pulled out a card to chase Indonesian players at the end of the match.

After taking the advantage, Indonesia returned to the familiar counter-attacking defensive style. His students Indra Sjafri did not hesitate to play snakes to limit Thailand’s efforts. Referee Nguyen Hien Triet had to withdraw many yellow cards and a red card in the 89th minute to chase Bagas Adi because he entered the ball with two feet with the Thai player.

Despite losing people, Indonesia still preserves a 2-1 victory to win the U22 regional championship for the first time.
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