FIFA Online Has Expectation Of Surpassing Dota, LOL And Half-Life

In the online gaming world, Dota, League of Legends and Counter-Strike (also known as half-life) are the three big players that temporarily have no rivals in terms of development and coverage worldwide. However, EA is looking forward to making FIFA online one of the four pillars of the world.

FIFA Online Has Expectation Of Surpassing Dota, LOL And Half-Life

3 big men of the game village

If you are a gamer, you cannot help but know 3 big Dota, League of Legends and Counter-Strike. These are 3 online games with the largest number of players and fans in the world. To visualize its coverage, gave statistics: World League of Legends finals had attracted 100 million followers on the internet platform.

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American TV channels that own the rights to broadcast League of Legends games even liken this tournament to the influence and coverage of the Super Bowl match. Meanwhile, according to Statista, although Counter-Strike has been released for a long time, it still keeps an extremely stable number of players.

In January 2019, the Statista recorded that 20 million accounts were constantly logged into Counter-Strike – doubling over the same period a year earlier. During the epidemic season, Counter-Strike grew even more brilliantly. On average each day there are up to 1.15 million players playing this legendary gun through the Stream application – the highest of the three games mentioned above.

Meanwhile, the FIFA online championship held at the O2 Stadium (London) in 2018 attracted only 29 million viewers. Compared to the 100 million audiences of League of Legends, it is clear that FIFA online has no “door” compared. Mr. Todd Sitrin himself, the executive manager of the game development company EA, also admitted: “All gamers know Dota, League of Legends and CS are the three big players in the gaming industry. Honestly, we haven’t reached that level yet. “

FIFA Online Has Expectation Of Surpassing Dota, LOL And Half-Life

EA’s ambition

However, Todd Sitrin is optimistic that, sooner or later, FIFA online will become one of the four pillars of the game village and may even surpass the above three big players. He analyzed: “Football is the king sport and the FIFA game enjoys the achievement of the football’s history. There are billions of people who know what a game is like, billions of people know about the clubs that the game is controlled by the players and the same people feel that there is a connection with the players in the game. Those things make FIFA online matches practically easier to watch than games like Dota. You will have to admit, you need to know to play Dota to watch a Dota match. But you don’t have to know how to play FIFA to watch FIFA. ”

Currently, there are more than 300 EA employees working day and night to create a competitive ecosystem, making FIFA online be the most popular game in the world. This is a huge game for EA because to build an ecosystem for the game, EA must invest at least $ 10 million per year.

The big investment temporarily will make the prize money in the FIFA tournament is not high. For example, the winner of the FIFA eWorld Cup only received $ 250,000 in prize money, while the world Dota2 championship totaled up to $ 24.8 million.

But Todd said that FIFA online will be closer and closer to the player’s life thanks to EA’s active expansion in cooperation with many tournaments around the world. Currently, in the league such as the Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, League One, the Netherlands, the US league (MLS) or even the Thai league, EA has owned the copyright to put on the game platform. Players will thus feel like they are participating in the race in their own country.

FIFA also benefits when more and more famous football players like Pique, Oezil, Gomes, Gullit … join the eSports playground. They will be a fan magnet. In addition, there is another aspect that will help FIFA grow stronger than the concept of the old generation. It seems that watching children playing football games will be less uncomfortable than holding guns shooting each other in CS or the match to destroy each other in Dota.

Phil Foden is eliminated from the “FIFA 20 Stay & Play Cup”

Contrary to the expectations of many, midfielder Phil Foden (Man City) met with failure at “FIFA 20 Stay & Play Cup”. Foden’s opponent eliminated was AIK midfielder Nabil Bahoui. This match ended with a score of 2-1 in favor of Nabil. With Foden coming to a halt, Liverpool player Trent Alexander-Arnold is the remaining hope for the Premier League in a tournament that gathers football stars from several European clubs.

High pressure, low income

Javier Romero, a player who has won the FIFA online game in Spain seven times recently, shared about the difficulties of a gamer. According to Javier, usually, every gamer must spend at least 3 to 4 hours/day to practice skills. Like other peers, Javier experiences considerable psychological pressure every time he enters a tournament. The pressure is like that, but according to Javier, their income is quite friable.

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