FIFA officials want the Premier League canceled

FIFA director of health affairs, Michel D’Hooghe believes that the remaining major European tournaments should follow the Netherlands and France, Premier League canceled.

FIFA officials want the Premier League canceled

Cancelation is for the sake of “human life”

“Football is not the most important thing in life right now,” D’Hooghe told the Telegraph. “Tournaments must comply with the decision from the government, based on the situation of the country. It’s very simple, the league will return more comfortably by the end of the season right now, and start preparing for the new season.

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After the Netherlands, the French government is the next country to declare no football activities until August. This means that the 2019/20 season of Ligue 1 will not be completed. The French Football Federation and the Ligue 1 BTC are considering plans to deal with the results of this season.

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Mr. D’Hooghe asserted that if La Liga, Premier League canceled or Bundesliga canceled the season at this time, they would avoid the risk of suffering an outbreak of the disease again.

“It is best that everything stops until the 2020/21 season returns in late August and early September,” D’Hooghe said. “I have heard many countries starting to talk about playing again. In this case, however, health factors must come first, and win over economic benefits. ”

At this time, the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga have all planned to return to play in the near future.

The Premier League plans to be back on June 8

According to Goal, representatives of the 20 Premier League clubs will meet online on Friday (May 1, local time) to discuss plans to resume the 2019/20 season, which will be postponed from March 9 after 29 the round for pandemic Covid-19, or Premier League canceled the whole result.

Accordingly, with the remaining 92 matches, the No. 1 league of the foggy country can return as early as June 8 and end at the end of July.

Oliver Dowden, UK Secretary of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, said he was working with Premier League clubs to try to bring the tournament back next month:

“I personally have talked to the organizers and representatives of Premier League clubs for the purpose of bringing football back as soon as possible to support the entire football community. Of course, any such move. will be consistent with standard public health guidelines. “

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According to the Mirror, a recent report of the Football Association of England (FA) said that the European Football Federation (UEFA) is planning a new plan to change the European Champions League (C1). hybrid. Specifically, from 2024, UEFA plans to choose 32 teams to participate in the Champions League group stage based on the ranking of national championships in four consecutive seasons from 2020/21 to 2023/24. 

This is different from the current law when 4 clubs finishing in 4 positions from the championship to the fourth place of the English Premier League each season will have a Champions League qualification (3 places straight to the group stage and 1 place to qualify last) of the following season.

Premier League canceled or not, we will find out the answer in the upcoming events and the complexity of the Covid 19 pandemic to decide.

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