FIFA demanded a 50% pay cut, Asian football reacted differently

Currently, the worldwide football and Asian football are almost crippled by the Covid-19 epidemic. The World Football Federation (FIFA) recently had a meeting with the federation members and proposed that the players reduce 50% of the salary to share the burden on the club. However, this issue still has mixed opinions.

Due to the influence of Covid-19, J-League 2020 will not have a relegation team.
Due to the influence of Covid-19, J-League 2020 will not have a relegation team.

Southeast Asian Football Federation decided to postpone the tournaments.

Currently, after the appearance of the Covid-19 case in their country, the remaining 2 Southeast Asian Football Confederations still conducting the league, Laos and Myanmar, have officially announced the delay. Thus, all 11/11 members of the Southeast Asian Football Federation decided to postpone the tournament.

Despite the same treatment of the disease and listening to the FIFA meeting, many Asian Football Federation members have not decided to reduce the player’s salary as proposed. Specifically, the Professional Football Association of Malaysia (PFAM) did not agree to the proposed reduction of salaries paid to players as proposed by the Malaysian Football Association. PFAM President Safee Sali said the player still had many concerns and had a lot of burden from relatives around him, so this proposal was difficult to realize.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the majority of clubs have no plans to reduce a player’s salary because of fear of affecting their morale. Compared with Malaysia, the salary of Vietnamese players is much lower and at least in the coming May, the situation may change if the tournament continues to delay.

In Thailand, the president of the Thai Football Federation (FAT) Somyot Poompanmuang announced a mass reduction of up to 50% of the more than 100 employees working for FAT and the Thai-League organizing company.

Many Thai clubs have not taken action similar to FAT Chairman, but Port FC, the third-ranked Thai-League 1 club last year, officially dismissed coach Chokthawi Phromrat and two assistants. The leader of this club explained the reason why they acted because of the difficult situation of the Covid-19 epidemic and the reduction of these three employees helped the club save nearly $10,000 million per month.

Thai leagues shutdown extended to May 2
Thai leagues shutdown extended to May 2

In Australia’s fate is not better than Asian football, players playing in the country’s league have taken a nice action by accepting a 50% pay cut to share with the club. This situation will last until the end of May. If the tournament is delayed longer than this time because of the disease, the players will even agree to a 70% reduction in salary.

And Japan, the leading football platform in the continent

In Asian football , as for Japan, the continent’s leading football platform has passed a historic ruling when the 2020 football season will not leave any team relegated and only need the season to go three-fourths of the way, the two teams will have a rank highest in the Second Division will automatically be promoted.

With no team relegated in the 2020 season, by 2021, the Japanese league will increase from 18 to 20, and from 2 to 4 relegation.

In South Korea, the 2020 season that is scheduled for the end of February has been postponed indefinitely. Next week, Korean football makers will meet to discuss more. In the immediate future, the clubs have trained again and like Japan, China, the players here have not received offers from the club to reduce wages.

Compared to European soccer platforms that rely heavily on ticket sales, television royalties and paying players a huge salary, Asian football clubs do not seem to be in the final position to suggest players reduce wages. to share the burden with the team.
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