FIFA 4: Basic Skills You Need To Know

When playing a football game, if we do not have the technical skills, the game will be very boring, not bring much color and attractiveness in a match. Therefore, this time FIFA 4 has resided and upgraded more technically.

This will make the game more attractive and dramatic, for the 5-star skills, players will have to spend a lot of time to practice, if you do not have much time, you can practice carefully. The 3-star simple technique in the article below.

Perform author movements


This technique is used a lot in FIFA Online 3, the implementation is quite simple, you just need to press the AS or DS key combination. This is a fake shot technique that FO3 gamers cannot count at all times used in the match.

Through FIFA 4, this is also an effective technique to pass people when the game engine system is quite slow, but the AS, DS change direction will be a scary thing for our attacks and finishing.

“Hack game” (Shift+up, right/up, left)

If you’ve ever played through FIFA Online 3, surely gamers are no strangers to this technique, this is a very effective human passing technique that many gamers call it “Hack game”. However, after the Engine update in March 2016, this technique has been “nerfed” a lot.

And certainly to the football field of FIFA 4, this will also be a technique used by a lot of users, but there will not be at the same level as FIFA Online 3.

Dribbling technique (E + C)


With FIFA 4, using C to attach people is not recommended, but if using C to dribble, this is the point we should use. How to implement this technique is quite easy, you just need to hold C or add E button to be able to push the ball faster, then watch teammates move reasonable points, then pass the ball or make a slot.

Ball stop technique (Z + navigation keys)

If you know how to use the Z key at the right time, you will make the opponent’s defense more miserable, and from there it is very easy to earn your own Penalty, as well as dribbling technique, this is also a quite easy technique.

Just press Z and the navigation button, the player will automatically touch the ball to stop and change direction. This is a technique usually used for the case of sticking the wingers.

Rabona Fake Out Shoot Technique


Using the key combination C+down(hold)+AS to make Rabona Fake Out Shoot Technique. The Rabona Fake Out Shoot skill is used as a way of stopping the ball abruptly to miss the opponent’s pace, then tossing the ball to the outside cheek and finishing. The finishing touches on the outside have a very uncomfortable spin.

With the Rabona Fake Out Shoot skill, calculating the distance and time of use is very important. Because if you use this skill too early, or too late, the opponent can completely rush in to catch the ball or reflect to cut the ball from a distance.

Above are some of the techniques and skills in FIFA Online 4 that you must know in the match, although these are just the most basic and simple skills ever used in FIFA Online 3, to FIFA Online 4 though no longer hegemony but these are still skills you must know if you want to win in FIFA 4.
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