FIFA 20, A Life Buoy Of MLS In The Middle Of The Pandemic

In the context of all activities frozen due to the global pandemic, E-sports became the savior of MLS. A series of gamers called for live streaming and free virtual matches like FIFA 20, as well as calling for community support through TV screens.

FIFA 20, A Life Buoy Of MLS In The Middle Of The Pandemic

Valuable heart

Last month, Cormac player “Doolsta” Dooley should have come to Texas to defend the eMLS Cup title he won last year. But instead of seeking glory, he decided to become an exemplary citizen. Dooley at home strictly followed the rules of social isolation and played two matches online with another player, Graham “SKaMzZ1992” Ellix.

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From the game nerds, Dooley and Ellix are admired by millions for calling out to everyone at home. They not only helped reduce hundreds of thousands of pandemic infections in the United States but also spent time and effort serving the online entertainment community. At a time when no football match was taking place, the competition of the top FIFA 20 players was the only hobby.

“The fans really want to watch the Nashville players play live, whether they play in real life or just play games. So my mission is to serve them, ”Dooley explained to ESPN. Having to stay indoors for a month to avoid the epidemic is naturally the ideal condition for him to do so. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t under any pressure.

As a professional gamer, Dooley never gets into the game but doesn’t want to win. He defeated Ellix in both matches 6-2 and 3-1 with a group of key players who are wearing Nashville in real life. Dominique Badji scored a hat-trick, Hany Mukhtar also scored. One of the rare stars he bought more to enhance the depth of force is Ronaldo “fat”.

The match between Dooley and Ellix did not take long to attract top characters in the MLS. North American clubs have been pouring a lot of money into football and E-sports over the past few years, so Covid-19 became an opportunity for them to reap the rewards. When the New England Revolution team could not play, they sent an E-sports team to use their own club in the game to defeat tough opponent Real Salt Lake with a score of 3-2.

Instead of going to the ring as usual (pictured above), Dooley gamers became exemplary citizens while at the stadium serving the fans.
Instead of going to the ring as usual (pictured above), Dooley gamers became exemplary citizens while at the stadium serving the fans.

Save a tournament

Cathal Conlon, PCT in charge of marketing and public relations of the New England Revolution, is one of those responsible for finding solutions, serving football fans in this unprecedented time. Premier League or La Liga can replay classic games, but this method can’t work with MLS. Americans just like to watch the yard directly.

“As a sports club, our mission is to think of ways to serve the entertainment fans wherever and whenever. Can’t say nothing when the tournament can’t happen, because doing so doesn’t respect the audience, ”Conlon explained. That’s why online FIFA 20 matches take place regularly and for free with followers. The schedule is also updated in detail so no one misses a minute.

The matches on the game meet the criteria of “live view”, so quickly popular with fans. In addition to encouraging teams to compete on the game screen, MLS officials also discussed how to disseminate instructions from the US infectious disease prevention agency to the people. Every gamer becomes an ambassador advising everyone to stay home to join hands in fighting back the pandemic.

Football has never been popular in the flag as other sports like basketball, rugby or baseball. However, in the context of all having to sit at home because of the pandemic, the MLS leader’s fan-response method is drawing hundreds of thousands more to pay attention to soccer.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the top club of Leyton Orient has the same thought. They organized an online tournament with up to 128 teams attending to serve the fans, as well as encouraging everyone to stay tuned. That is the direction no one thought of, a very American direction: Sport is entertainment, anytime and anywhere.

FIFA 20 explodes sales in the UK

The pandemic turned out to be a great opportunity for EA producers, in the ambition to turn the FIFA game into the world’s leading handheld video game. In the UK market, FIFA 20 recorded 1.5 million copies sold during the period from April 11 to April 18, the best-selling game in the foggy country. Of these, only 43% of sales were hard copies (DVDs), showing a tendency to use cloud technology to download games from servers.

Dynamo Kiev opened the internal FIFA tournament

In these two weekends, Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine) will organize an internal FIFA 20 tournament for players in the team with the purpose of “killing time” and increasing the solidarity for the club. 8 players represent 8 clubs in Europe (Juventus, Atletico, Liverpool, Barca Group A; Man City, Real, PSG, Dinamo Kiev Group B). The top two players in each group will advance to the semi-finals, kicking in a turn-based format before determining the final match. All matches will be broadcast on Dynamo Kiev’s youtube channel.

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