Fernandes Sublime, Pogba Comebacks: What MU Strategy Kick?

Solskjaer will choose which tactics for MU to use both Fernandes and Pogba when the French midfielder is about to return after injury.

Sublimated Fernandes, Pogba is going to return

Since his MU debut in February, Bruno Fernandes quickly proved his talent. The Portuguese midfielder has three goals and 4 assists after 9 appearances for the “Red Devils”. In the match with LASK early this morning, the number 18 of MU had skillful cheeks, creating conditions for Ighalo to open the score.

Bruno Fernandes quickly integrated at Old Trafford
Bruno Fernandes quickly integrated at Old Trafford

Within a month, the Portuguese midfielder had the title of “Player of the Month” voted by the team. Since Bruno Fernandes joined the Premier League, no player has scored and assisted more than the Portuguese midfielder.

The brilliance of Bruno Fernandes made many MU fans think about the day of breaking up Paul Pogba. The French midfielder was once considered the “irreplaceable player” of the team but the future was so dim that fans lost confidence. Especially when Pogba spends most of this season in bed.

Solskjaer and his students have overcome the turbulent times and proved that MU does not need Pogba to live well and the Norwegian teacher has found another bright jewel named Bruno Fernandes!

However, it goes without saying that Pogba is still a top-class player. It is not natural for the French midfielder to be the highest priced MU squad currently. The problem is how Solskjaer will use Pogba and Fernandes so the duo shines together when the return of the French midfielder is very near.

According to Joshua Jones of The Sun, MU could switch to a 4-3-3 formation like the Lampard scheme that applies to Chelsea against Everton. It is to use Pogba and Bruno Fernandes as two ball players and only use a single pillar midfielder (Fred, Matic, McTominay). The winger duo is Martial and James while Ighalo will play in the center of the attack.

Solskjaer will need to find a solution to use both Bruno Fernandes and Pogba most effectively
Solskjaer will need to find a solution to use both Bruno Fernandes and Pogba most effectively

However, the key point of the problem is how to not these two players “step on each other”. If it is resolved, Solskjaer will probably choose this team because the Norwegian teacher loves to “fight”.

In case the “difficult problem” cannot be solved, Solskjaer is more likely to choose a diamond tactical scheme (4-1-2-1-2 or 3-4-1-2). This is also the choice of the Norwegian teacher in some recent matches. In these two diagrams, Bruno Fernandes will play the role of “number 10” and play immediately after two strikers while Pogba will play the role of a midfielder with another player.

The option is not a bad choice because Pogba and Fernandes will have the opportunity to work together more. It will be a nightmare for opponents of MU when they face two passes that are among the best in the world at the present time.

However, the worst case scenario can still occur. That Pogba could not get along with Bruno Fernandes. At that time, Solskjaer probably did not take much time to choose because Fernandes not only played well but also helped Fred, Matic and McTominay to play better. Will Pogba awaken in time and “turn around” in time? It is still a difficult question to answer.
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