Female volleyball athletes made a storm because of their beauty

Volleyball beauty Tatyana Demyanova “stormed” when posting a hot picture, during the isolation period against Covid-19.

Volleyball beauties in sexy clothes

Kazakhstan women’s volleyball’s a place to cultivate talents for many beautiful people. Among them, Tatyana Demyanova is considered one of the most attractive female athletes in the volleyball world in the world today.

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Volleyball player Tatyana Demyanova
Volleyball player Tatyana Demyanova

With sexy lips, attractive face, perfect three-round curve, if no one knows Tatyana is a volleyball player, it is easy to mistake her for being a famous model. On Instagram with 114,000 followers, Tatyana regularly releases hot photos with fans.

Recently, Tatyana Demyanova created a wave of the online community in costume wearing a mask, “leash – no wearing bra” in the first round to propagate about the cognitive isolation of Covid-19. Although there are some rude comments, most still love the beautiful 9x generation.

Besides volleyball, currently, Tatyana has participated as a model for a few fashion brands. In addition, she is also very hard to learn additional sports, especially martial arts such as Boxing, or Muay Thai. Her idol is none other than “Lonesome single woman” Floyd Mayweather.

Philippines Female athlete

As a volleyball player, Rachel Anne Daquis was once voted as the 8th charming woman of the Philippines. Not only integrity, but Anne Daquis also owns a huge fan base when there are nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram.

Recently, Rachel Anne Daquis used to play in 7 different clubs in the Philippines had a trip to the famous Guam island 780km from Manila. At this place, Anne Daquis looks gorgeous in the natural scenery and is praised by fans, even though she has turned 32 years old.

Anne Daquis the female volleyball player
Anne Daquis the female volleyball player

Indonesian volleyball beauty quit

From a young age, Pungky Afriecia has been a famous double-passer of Indonesian women’s volleyball. She started her career with Alko Bandung Club, then won the Indonesian volleyball championship (Livoli) with this team in 2015.

However, after getting married in 2018, she had to give up her career to take care of her family and her newborn child. In the photos shared on social networks, Pungky Afriecia is fully dedicated to the work of a mother.

Indonesia - Pungky Afriecia
Indonesia – Pungky Afriecia

Vietnamese volleyball player shows off her best friend

In recent years, the success of the volleyball team of the Bank for Industry and Trade has contributed significantly to Nguyen Thu Hoai’s second pass, which was born in 1998 at Thai Binh province Vietnam, she has become a mainstay in the club and national team colors.

Not only playing outstanding on the field, the second pass Nguyen Thu Hoai recently surprised the fans. Specifically, this girl appeared in a photo taken with a star cast of Vietnamese sports including a hot girl, and hot boy like Pham Hong Nam, Le Thanh Tung (gymnastics), or grandmaster dance sports Phan Nguyen Quynh Huong. 

The close friend of volleyball player Thu Hoai
The close friend of volleyball player Thu Hoai

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