Nadal “Distorted” Because Of Indian Wells, Federer Benefited

Federer, who is currently in a recuperation period, cannot attend Indian Wells, but his opponents also have no chance to play at the first Masters in 2020.

Nadal “distorted” because of Indian wells, Federer benefited

On the morning of March 9, on the twitter of BNP Paribas Open, there was a notice “canceling the Indian Wells Masters 2020”, because at the place where the first 1,000 Masters of the year was about to discover a person with Corona virus. Earlier, the organizers said the tournament could take place on the pitch without the audience, but when the disease was too complicated, they agreed to cancel the tournament.

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Federer (right) could not attend Indian Wells, Nadal (left) faced the same situation
Federer (right) could not attend Indian Wells, Nadal (left) faced the same situation

The tournament was canceled without a return date, according to the organizers of the 2020 tournament schedule that was almost full, it was difficult for the 2-week event to make up for it. This means that the world’s top players will lose the opportunity to make money in the big tournament, besides the points they won here last year will be deducted on March 23, the end time. event.

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Roger Federer is suffering from a knee injury, perhaps the biggest beneficiary after Indian Wells canceled. Last year, “Express Train” reached the final, so he will be deducted 600 points. Rafael Nadal is the one who suffers because he is in good shape and still automatically lost 360 points because the tournament was canceled (last year he went to the semi-finals of Indian Wells 2019).

The one with the most points deducted is Dominic Thiem, the champion of Indian Wells will be deducted 1,000 points, so after both are deducted, the No. 4 player “Express Train” will be only 15 points behind Thiem. Novak Djokovic was not affected too much because last year the Serbian tennis player only went to the third round, so only deducted only 45 points.

The ranking of the top 30 men’s singles has not changed compared to the previous week. At the back, Ly Hoang Nam has 4 more ATP points, up 43 places to top 700 in the world.

In the women’s singles rankings (WTA), Sofia Kenin (USA) for the first time in the world number 3, Serena Williams tennis player increased 2 places compared to the previous week, there are 2 female tennis players up 4 places in the top 30 weeks.

Tennis table March 9



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