Federer Went Against Nadal To Drop Roland Garros Due To The US Open

(Sports news) Former Woodbridge tennis player predicts that Federer and Nadal will have two different options: Grand Slam and the US Open.

Federer went against Nadal to abandon Roland Garros because of the US Open

Because Roland Garros backed to September 21, just two weeks after the US Open‘s end schedule, many expected Nadal to abandon the US Grand Slam to play clay. On tennis 365, former tennis player Woodbridge predicted that Federer would do the opposite of Nadal: “There is always a possibility that the players have to choose a tournament and then Federer will give up Roland Garros to fight at the US Open.”

Will Nadal give up the US Open because of Roland Garros?

Marc Rosset, a former Swiss tennis player, has made his point on RTS. He thought they wouldn’t be surprised if Rafael Nadal gave up the US Open to focus his strength on Roland Garros. The Grand Slam in France is his strong point.” Currently, Roland Garros and the US Open are exactly one week apart.

Federer Went Against Nadal To Drop Roland Garros Due To The US Open
Rafael Nadal 

AJ’s representative calls for stripping off the WBC stripping of Tyson Fury’s title

Eddie Hearn, the representative of Anthony Joshua, has just posted a forum to advise WBC to strip Tyson Fury’s belt after the recent doping scandal. He expected people were waiting for the solution from the British Anti-Doping Committee. He thought the truth would come out. But if he had been Dillian White, I would have asked for the title. Because Tyson was currently suspended, just because of the investigation.

Hamilton entered the isolation area

According to Russia’s RT newspaper, the British driver has entered the family isolation in London after meeting actor Idris Elba and the wife of Canadian Prime Minister, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. Lewis Hamilton also immediately reassured public opinion when posting on social networks. “I want you to know that I’m fine.”

BTC Roland Garros was criticized for being selfish because of rescheduling the schedule

Immediately after announcing the rescheduling of Roland Garro’s schedule to September (September 20 – October 4), the clay Grand Slam organizers faced stumbling criticism. bounced from ATP and WTA. In the latest announcement about the postponement of several tournaments for the worldwide pandemic, the two most powerful agencies in the village felt that the Grand Slam leaders were too selfish to decide without discussing it with anyone.

BTC Roland Garros 2020 was criticized for arbitrarily rescheduling the match
BTC Roland Garros 2020 was criticized for arbitrarily rescheduling the match

More than ever, the challenges that the epidemic poses with professional tennis need the cooperation of everyone for the gain of the tournament, the players and the fans must take unilateral action. Every decision should be consulted, shared and evaluated by stakeholders – followed ATP, WTA.

In addition, Arnaud Clément (former French tennis captain), Heinz Guenthardt (Swiss women’s tennis team leader) also called the decision of BTC Roland Garros “unacceptable”.

McGregor practiced despite the epidemic

Prior to the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, the Irish Government had ordered the gyms to close, including two MMA centers owned by Conor McGregor. However, “UFC Clown” still practice hard at home to prepare for the upcoming match. The video of the training was posted on McGregor on Instagram and attracted the attention of fans.

Medvedev admired Federer, Nadal, Safin

In an interview with Tennis Magazine, the world’s No. 5 player Daniil Medvedev expressed his admiration to Federer, Nadal and especially his compatriot Marat Safin – former No. 1 in the world.

“My favorite player is always Marat Safin. I decided to follow the tennis career after witnessing his achievements in the Grand Slam. I also closely follow Federer and Nadal,” Medvedev said.
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