Federer leads the greatest tennis race, can Djokovic make it?

(Sports News – Tennis News) – The controversy of the title of the Greatest Tennis Player of all time has been a hot topic in the tennis world recently Federer or Djokovic.

The world’s top tennis player in the 1980s has stirred up the controversial

Ivan Lendl, the world’s top tennis player in the 1980s has just ignited the controversy over GOAT (the greatest athlete of all time) in the tennis industry with expert judgment. Ivan Lendl, along with famous tennis writer Craig Gabriel, debated who is the most worthy GOAT title in the sport.

Three horse race in an open era
Three horse race in an open era

Former player Ivan Lendl, recently known as the coach of Andy Murray and Alexander Zverev, listened to journalist Craig Gabriel’s questions and answered them in great detail. He said: “I do not claim the greatest name because we are in two different eras. In my mind is always the silhouette of a previous generation player who won the second Grand Slam in the century. Originally open, the owner of a total of 11 Grand Slams from 1960 to 1969, was Rod Laver. “

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Federer is leading the race for GOAT
Federer is leading the race for GOAT

“I think he was the best in the era before the open era. Then, in the open era, things got a little easier, you just need to win big titles and win the matches. First, we need to separate those two things 

Is Usain Bolt the best player ever? – Federer or Djokovic

You should understand that I don’t look at performance, I am only interested in results. Is Usain Bolt the best player ever? Yes. For me, that’s the result, how many titles, Grand Slams, that’s what I appreciate, “said Ivan Lendl.

“It is quite difficult to choose the greatest player of all time, because the later names are still playing. These are Novak (Djokovic), Rafa (Nadal) and Roger (Federer), who won many famous titles. performance and is considered the best in an open era.

Therefore, you can only say that if you compare Roger at 20, Rafa at 19, or Novak Djokovic at 17, Roger will be the greatest. For now, all you can say is that Roger is leading the race, the race is not over, “said the former tennis legend born in 1960.

Answering the question of when the GOAT race will end, Ivan Lendl said: “When they retire from their careers, the race will end and you will be able to make a more accurate judgment then. “It’s a long way from the start, but it’s far from over. Roger is 39 years old, and Novak Djokovic and Rafa are younger. They will play a little longer, so this will be a turning point for the race.”

Novak Djokovic probably always understands that he will never surpass Roger and Rafa in the hearts of fans. Their love has no calculations and it is hard to explain. Who is most famous is a But, who is the greatest player will not be judged by fame. Therefore, Novak Djokovic still has many opportunities when he is the youngest, “concluded the world’s No. 1.