What do you know about Fantasy Premier Game?

Here are some introduction to the Fantasy Premier League that millions of people around the world participate in.

Introduction of the Fantasy Premier League rules:

Fantasy Premier League (virtual football) is a football management game where players form a team with real-life players. Total points earned by a coach in a tournament, a round is made up of the actual achievement of the players they have on hand (scoring, assisting ). The original game was created by Bernie Donnelly in 1971 and is now more and more attractive after 46 years. From simple entertainment purposes, until now Fantasy Premier League with the help of the Internet has been developed in many forms, many places and commercialized.

Fantasy Premier League is becoming more and more attractive
Fantasy Premier League is becoming more and more attractive

An emerging trend is to choose players based on their team, typically the Premier League. The game is developed by the famous publisher EA SPORTS based on the Web / Mobile App platform and is joined by millions every year. According to the Fantasy Premier League format, each coach will be given £ 100 million and use it to select the team of his favorite 15 players (11 starting kicks, 4 reserves). After each round, every month, the system will automatically update the score and choose the best person.


After registration, you can log in to the Fantasy Premier League game. In the squad of 15 players selected, there will be 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 strikers. Their total value does not exceed £ 100 million and each team can select a maximum of 3 players. The squad when entering each round will have 11 main kicks and 4 reserves, including the captain and vice-captain. During the tournament, you can transfer players according to the rules of each round with 1 free transfer and each additional transfer, you will be deducted 4 points from the total of points in that round.

For example the line-up in Fantasy Premier League
For example the line-up in Fantasy Premier League

Detailed score

During the season, the scores of the players you choose will be calculated based on their performances in the Premier League. Specifically:

– Playing up to 60 minutes or less: 1 point

– Playing 60 minutes or more (except for overtime): 2 points

– Goalkeeper or defenders scoring: 6 points

– The midfielder scored: 5 points

– Forwards scored: 4 points

– Assists regardless of position: 3 points

– Goalkeeper or defenders keep clean sheets: 4 points

– Midfielder keeping clean sheets: 1 point

– The goalkeeper makes a clearance 3 times: 1 point

– Goalkeeper successfully save a penalty: 5 points

– Slip penalty regardless of position: -2 points

– Goalkeeper or defenders keep getting 2 goals: -1 point

– Each yellow card: -1 point

– Each red card: -3 points

– Own goals: -2 points

– Bonus points (Bonus): 1 to 3 points


After completing the squad, you can join and create tournaments to interact with friends and other players. There are many types of tournaments with different properties but the common point is that you must have League Code to participate. It is a series of numbers that the creator of the prize will capture and share with all other members.

10 basic tips when playing Fantasy Premier League

Winning Fantasy Premier League with some tips
Winning Fantasy Premier League with some tips

These are the basics of playing FPL that many people often overlook and do not pay attention, read and give yourself the reasonable choice to have a successful season, Good luck!

1. In July and even early August, none of us knows anything. There are a lot of transfers and friendly matches going on, so it’s hard to know for sure who will be on the official squad for each team.

2. Pre-season performance is very useful for us to choose, but pay attention to the quality of the opponent, the nature of the game and the players who have not played.

3. Fantasy Premier League is a game of probability, which can be understood as choosing what is highly likely to happen. In other words, DO NOT do too much risk on unproven players in the tournament just because you have a good hunch if their performance in the first 1 or 2 weeks is good, you have can bring them to the team.

4. Spend the first 4, 5 weeks evaluating a squad and then use Wildcard once you know what are the cheap options, what type of “must buy” drug players and build the squad in the long run.

5. Pay attention to the transfer of players, there are always plans B, even C for every position you can, there is a roster replacement within 1m of each player you have. This ensures your team is balanced and flexible at times of change with 2 transfers.

6. Be careful with cheap players (4.0m, 4.5m ..) if in the first few rounds they played regularly and performed well, you can take home for a price still low (under 5.0) and Can increase the squad value in the next rounds. If it’s just a reserve card, or less likely to score, the player will lose its price (4.3, 4.4) and you will have to spend up to 2 transfers to throw away or to waste and wait for Wildcard.

7. Choose according to the majority of expensive players in the first round, (you can see Team select by% in Transfer), because if you do not own these players constantly scoring, you will are far behind and lose points compared to the majority of players, but if you own that option does not get many points, do not worry, because you will not lose much at all.

8. Use a rotation strategy in one part of the squad, such as using 2 cheap goalkeepers with a match schedule, so that each round has 1 GK with an easy schedule, or rotate 3 cheap defenders. in the 3rd defender position next to 2 expensive fixed defenders (this I will have the detailed article later). Rotating will save the transfer, so you focus on 2 expensive defenders and 7 attacking players.

9. Choose players who are certain to start and have the full 90 minutes. Don’t take risks with captain decisions, there is always a safe choice. Do not panic when you have the first round of low points, not like, the season does not end in September where to worry.

10. Finally, to win the Fantasy Premier League try to watch all 90 minutes of matches you can watch every weekend. You will not play well if you only check results on the live score or read the Fantasy Premier League newspaper every day.
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