Fans celebrated when New York Knicks boss Dolan infected COVID-19

Many New York Knicks fans could not hide their happiness when boss James Dolan was infected with COVID-19. That caused waves of intense criticism.

New York Knicks boss- James Dolan

New York Knicks boss James Dolan is the latest big-name character to confirm COVID-19 infection. However, instead of sending health greetings, the fans of the Madison Square Garden team celebrated, saying that this was Dolan’s “retribution”.

The 64-year-old businessman isolating himself and almost shows no signs of infection. He continues to run the activities of New York Knicks in particular and the parent company Madison Square Garden in general.

James Dolan has almost no symptoms of COVID-19
James Dolan has almost no symptoms of COVID-19

James Dolan currently lives in New York, one of the largest outbreaks of Corona Virus in the United States with more than 52,000 cases and more than 700 deaths. President Donald Trump is considering blockading the entire state.

In the NBA, about 10 players and 4 support staff were positive for COVID-19. James Dolan is the first owner infected with SARS-CoV-2. There have been three fully recovered cases, Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and Christian Wood.

Just hours before the news of COVID-19 was reported, James Dolan directed the Dolan Family Foundation to donate US $ 1 million to employees at Madison Square Garden who could not work because the NBA had been delayed for 30 days.

James Dolan and fans are not in a good relationship

James Dolan and the fans are not in a good relationship. The New York Knicks has been increasingly in decline since under the control of a 64-year-old businessman. Many fans in the stadium have been kicked out of the stadium, even threatened to arrest for demanding Dolan to sell the team.

Of course, opposition to Mr. Knicks is not always well received. Striker Andrew Bogut, a former player of the Golden State Warriors, criticized and loathed the celebration of sick James Dolan.

James Dolan did not receive the attention of NHM Knicks
James Dolan did not receive the attention of NHM Knicks

“It’s crazy to see people celebrate for people they don’t like to fall ill. It’s impossible to understand these people anymore …” the veteran Australian player wrote on his personal Twitter page.

James Dolan received a positive result for COVID-19 on March 29. According to the New York Knicks notice, the 64-year-old businessman has almost no symptoms. He is recovering well at his home in New York.

Currently, New York City is the center of the US epidemic with more than 50,000 cases of COVID-19, accounting for nearly half of the patients nationwide. President Donald Trump is considering a plan to blockade the entire state. More than 120,000 people have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

COVID-19 infections are increasing in NBA

Currently, COVID-19 infections are increasing in the NBA world. A few days after the Detroit Pistons had two more cases, the corona invaded two others, ESPN veteran analyst Doris Burke and New York Knicks  boss. Knicks James Dolan.

As of 9 am on March 30, the world has more than 720,000 COVID-19 infections with 140,000 positive cases from the US. In Vietnam, the Ministry of Health announced that there were 193 cases of COVID-19 with 25 cases cured and no deaths were recorded.
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