F1 racing, British GP 2020: Pole 91 for “King” Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes once again showed its uniqueness in the fourth race with a distance of more than 1 second compared to the competitors in the British GP 2020 season. Lewis Hamilton continued to show high performance with the 7th pole at Silverstone home ground. and is the 91st pole of his career. Ferrari, meanwhile, has shown a positive side when it significantly improves its rating.

Lewis Hamilton won the pole in Stage 4 British GP 2020 this year
Lewis Hamilton won the pole in Stage 4 British GP 2020 this year


FP3 on Saturday afternoon (August 1) took place with an ideal weather condition compared to the 6th day. The air temperature lower than 10 degrees Celsius made the last test run turn into a running session. Ranking simulator for racing teams. Therefore, Soft tires are used in almost every lap of each rider.

A more comfortable temperature means that the tires will be more durable and perform optimally, helping riders to find their limits before entering the official rating.

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Mercedes after a day of “silent silence” has returned to its inherent strength when their two cars are not surprising to occupy the two leading positions. Valtteri Bottas had the best performance, set in about the last 15 minutes, with a time of 1 minute 25,873s.

Ferrari has the most successful Saturday since the beginning of the season
Ferrari has the most successful Saturday since the beginning of the season

That achievement is not far behind the pole record set by the Finnish driver himself last year, 1 minute 25,093s. Teammate Lewis Hamilton ranked second with 0.158s slower. Ranking third is Max Verstappen, pushing the RB16 to the limit, but still losing by 0.3s to Mercedes for best performance. As for Red Bull’s other driver, Alex Albon continued to experience technical problems related to batteries and continued to sit outside most of the time, after having had an accident in FP2.

Albon will clearly not be in the best position for the grading run and the upcoming main race. Behind, Racing Point, Ferrari, McLaren, Renault are bright candidates for the top 10 positions starting in the afternoon split run.

The cloudy and pleasant weather continued in the afternoon when the air temperature was 21 degrees Celsius while the track was 37 degrees Celsius, which is a decrease of 13 degrees Celsius compared to the peak at FP2 Friday afternoon. , we can see the maximum power of the cars as they enter the competition.

Bottas emerged as the No. 1 candidate for pole position, and he quickly showed it in Q1 with two quick lap times in a row to hold the No. 1 position. Lewis Hamilton also had a good performance in two rounds. his run, but lost to Bottas 0.1s, while Verstappen continued to hold 3rd place.

Verstappen is Mercedes' closest rival
Verstappen is Mercedes’ closest rival


In the lower group, it is clear that Haas and Alfa Romeo have been gradually abandoned by the other middle teams and formed their own group at the bottom of the rankings. All 4 cards of the 2 racing teams were eliminated in Q1 in 16-19 positions. On the other hand at Williams, they continue to have the opposite fate of their two cars.

Rookie Nicholas Latifi has once again put the books on the 20th mark, while George Russell has his third stage in Q2. The young English driver believes that Williams is now catching up with other teams, even surpassing Haas and Alfa Romeo in the achievement of short-run – ranking.

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Q2 witnessed a rare image, which was Lewis Hamilton’s mistake, that caused him to slip off the track at Luffield’s crabs in the first minutes. After that, he was still able to return the car to the pit but accidentally “scattered” gravel on the track causing the referee to raise a red flag to pause so that the racetrack staff can clean up.

Norris and McLaren are at the top of the middle with 5th
Norris and McLaren are at the top of the middle with 5th

Upon his return, Lewis Hamilton had an impressive run on the Medium tire set to finish 2nd at Q2 with a safe record to reach in Q3. Bottas continued to lead with a new track record on Medium tires, 1 minute 25,015s. Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll took a risk using Medium tire tactics and they had a decent performance with the 9th and 10th places to get into Q3. Notably, Stroll set up the same performance with Pierre Gasly but he was ranked first due to completing that lap first, and the AlphaTauri racer had to be eliminated in the 11th position.

Nico Hulkenberg was not as lucky as Stroll as Racing Point’s “stunt” only got 13. Daniil Kvyat (will be fined 5 steps stemming for replacing a new gearbox) and Russell. However, after the race, the driver of Wiliams has penalized 5 steps for failing to slow down during the yellow flag, making him the last start in the home race this year. Thus Kvyat and Russell will be the two drivers starting the British GP 2020 race in the last row.


Entering Q3, it seems that Bottas will continue to maintain its advantage in the previous two runs, but at this decisive moment, Lewis Hamilton proved to be braver. The defending champion broke the track record to 0.4s in the first lap of Q3 and continued to improve in the decisive run with a new Silverstone record – 1 minute 24,303s. Bottas tried his best but only pulled the distance of 0.3s and accepted 2nd place.

Pole 91st in his career for Lewis Hamilton
Pole 91st in his career

Mercedes is well ahead of the competition with their closest rival, Verstappen when the #33 steering wheel made its debut in the top 3 at Silverstone since 2016. Leclerc and Ferrari significantly improved their running ability. SF1000 classification and get the 4th place. However, teammate Vettel continued to have a difficult week of racing when only ranked 10th.

Lando Norris has had another successful Saturday with McLaren with the fifth fastest achievement, and it becomes more special when this is the home race of both McLaren and Norris. Carlos Sainz will also start from 7th, promising a high results race for the team.

Alternating between them is Lance Stroll in 6th place, a rank not as expected of Racing Point after what they showed on Friday. The remaining two positions in the top 10 belong to Renault duo with Daniel Ricciardo above Esteban Ocon.