F1, MotoGP racing: Fight pandemics and efforts to reduce costs!

F1 racing teams, together with the UK government, are working hard to provide the necessary medical equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic campaign, and there are positive results. Meanwhile, the next stages of MotoGP racing have been postponed/canceled due to epidemics and the tournament is trying to find solutions to tighten spending next time.

F1, MotoGP racing: Fight pandemics and efforts to reduce costs

The racing teams are proud to support the British Government in preventing Covid-19

Project Pitlane, with the help of seven UK-based racing teams, urgently assisted the Government to produce 20,000 orders of ventilators and other breathing aids to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. With the help of F1, 7 teams with their technology worked together to receive the British Government’s requests to support the health sector. Teams work on the system to produce fast ventilators and the number of orders has reached tens of thousands.

Project Pitlane is bringing positive results in a short time
Project Pitlane is bringing positive results in a short time

Along with that, the Mercedes engine development plant in Brixworth has changed its purpose to produce continuous air pressure thrusters (CPAP) for patient breathing.

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With such a large order, 40 machines are often used to make pistons, valves, turbochargers, currently producing 100 medical devices a day.

Red Bull and Renault worked together and created a prototype of the new design, BlueSky, in just 3 weeks. The staff then worked 18 hours/day to accelerate the project.

Despite the preparation of production machinery and the availability of hundreds of employees, the British government has changed the plan and this project is no longer in progress. They think that to combat coronavirus, they need a more detailed and sophisticated breathing machine than the BlueSky at the moment.

However, BlueSky’s technology and prototype will still be available and used in the future for other more appropriate purposes. The third project with a low-cost portable ventilator device was created by a young doctor, Alastair Darwood, but was put on hold for the above reason, which was not necessary for the time to fight back. Covid-19.

Jorge Lorenzo is unable to return in early June in Catalunya
Jorge Lorenzo is unable to return in early June in Catalunya

Teams have shown their dedication and skill through this project. They should feel proud of what has developed in this project. Thereby, there will be better prepared in the future, when society needs support.

In turn, F1 races in Italy and Spain have to be postponed

Spain and Italy are both among the top 4 countries most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, after the first 6 races were postponed/canceled, it was inevitable that Mugello (Italy) and Catalunya (Spain) would inevitably decide to postpone the race which took place in late May and early June.

The current complicated situation in both countries makes the upcoming events impossible to occur as expected. The only positive news at this time is that the epidemic here is peaking and will soon decline in the near future.

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The loss of the Catalan GP makes Jorge Lorenzo and Yamaha’s special tickets here also greatly affected. The team has not yet announced whether Lorenzo’s appearance will be moved to another race, or wait until the revised schedule is announced.

Assen will make his first absence at MotoGP after seven decades
Assen will make his first absence at MotoGP after seven decades

The governments of Germany, the Netherlands and Finland have also announced that all mass gathering activities will be banned until the end of August 31. 

Therefore, the races at Sachsenring (Germany), Assen (Netherlands) and Kymi Ring (Finland) have been officially canceled this year.

With the long-standing traditional racetrack TT Assen, this will be the first time they have not participated in a MotoGP racing season since the tournament began in 1949. And Kymi Ring still needs approval from the new FIM federation could be organized (something not possible at the time of national closure) so they cannot come back in 2020.

MotoGP racing seeks to tighten spending

Along with moves such as F1 in cutting costs at the current difficult time, MotoGP racing will also “freeze” all engine and aerodynamic developments this season. The F1 racing teams and the organizers have agreed to use the 2020 car for the 2021 season.

As the 2021 season kicks off, vehicle development rules will return to normal. As such, non-franchise manufacturers of MotoGP racing (Honda, Ducati, Yamaha and Suzuki) will only be allowed to upgrade aerodynamics once.

Modes lower than MotoGP racing 2 and MotoGP racing 3 will be “frozen” in development until the end of the 2021 season. Teams will be able to use parts and chassis of 2020 and 2019 for 2021, but each team will not receive FIM. Recognize more than 2 chassis.

In addition, Ducati also proposed a plan to reduce the number of cars for each driver from 2 to only 1 vehicle to cut costs, but was opposed by the remaining 5 manufacturers (4 NSX mentioned above and Aprilia and KTM. ). Ducati expects the MotoGP racing formula to be similar to MotoGP racing 2 and MotoGP racing 3, with riders without spare cars.

Italian racing head Gigi Dall’lgna cites MotoGP racing 3 or the World Superbike that they have only one car, but the quality of the races is still high. He was always the one who didn’t agree to limit car development but the current situation forced them all to spend less.

Yamaha Team Manager Massimo Meregalli told Motorsport.com that the idea would bring more problems than benefits to the teams, in terms of investment.

“Certainly this year it will not be possible to organize 19 races, which is also an economical way. You can consider going to the racetrack with as few team staff as possible. But I don’t like the idea of ​​only one. the car as the procedures below. The ability to lose a part, or the entire run by accident will have a great influence on the technical as well as the ability in the race. “

In the end, the possibility of organizing two F1 races in the same weekend was rejected when Dorna Sports thought it had no effect and no effect for the tournament. CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta said that the organizers had a headache in the current situation, and they would not be willing to pay to host two races, as well as the broadcast stations.

Dorna’s director Manel Arroyo explained in more detail: “… the current structure of the tournament, their teams and cars are designed to take part in the 45-minute race on Sunday. The changes will affect the technical side of the car, of course not impossible, but it will not benefit us at all. “

Arroyo has revealed that Dorna has no plans for a new schedule for this year. Once the exact start date is decided, then all the other stages are done.

The new schedule must be in the spirit of MotoGP racing tournament standards, cost savings and convenience for racing teams. They will have time until Christmas or even early January next year to complete this season.