Ezzeldin Bahader: ‘For Me, Age Is Just Zero’

If most professional players retire before the age of 40, Ezzeldin Bahader will start his career in digital shorts at the age of 75. On January 22, 2020, the old man born in 1945 signed a contract with a third team. Egypt, October 6 to become the oldest professional player in the world. He played the first match, even scored a goal …

Ezzeldin Bahader: 'For Me, Age Is Just Zero'

Dream of becoming a professional footballer of an engineer

Ezzeldin Bahader likens football and the design of major constructions as the two biggest chapters of his life. “I can’t remember the journals for recording maps, design blueprints … I’ve been doing this work for over 55 years. That is love. But I also cannot live without endless passion. That’s football”, Bahader told Sofoot magazine. Because of that passion, besides the daily work of an engineer, the grandfather of 6 small grandchildren still participates in training in the beloved home.

Even when he had knee problems during his amateur career, Ezzeldin Bahader did not give up his desire, dream of becoming a professional player and scoring goals. “Whether on the football field or in buildings, you always have to make decisions that are sometimes not easy. With life experience, I would like to give helpful advice in the dressing room, how to approach a game, tactical vision and how to move on the field … ”, Bahader emphasized on the benefits of a … old people playing football.

At the age of 75, Ezzeldin Bahader feels he is less than 50. He now has 6 grandchildren and they train every day with him. “Obviously at the age of 75, I need to pay much attention to my health, training, daily activities. However, I feel that I am less than 50 years old. I do it all but never forget the biggest passion of football. I am blessed with a huge garden for daily practice. My nephews helped me practice kicking, controlling the ball and dribbling. I even built a training ground in the Cairo desert. We also have a small farm and gym to make fitness, ”Bahader said.

Ezzeldin Bahader: 'For Me, Age Is Just Zero'
Mr. Bahader practices hard every day

Experiences at the age … U80

But how can an old man like Ezzeldin Bahader practice like the other players? Bahader has emphasized the help of his descendants as well as his training efforts. Bahader wants to prove that he has other strengths that young players do not have, that is the will and the sense of training to maintain fitness and style on the field. Many people say that Bahader’s age as a coach has retired but do not think about being a player.

“I do not see my age as a constraint, but a great pride. I’m proud to win every prediction that I can’t play for 90 minutes. But I played enough, despite a minor injury and was worried I could not finish the match. But you see, I will still play with strong will and legs, ”Bahader said of his first professional match experience.

But how can an old man like Bahader attract the attention of employers? Ezzeldin Bahader is passionate about football and very patient. Every day, he uploads a lot of football playing clips and practice with his children on social networks. Those clips quickly spread on online newspapers and made many Egyptian teams pay attention. Many teams have proposed to sign a professional contract with Ezzeldin Bahader, but he chose October 6 because this team is close to home and has its own appeal.

On October 6, most of the players are aged 20-26. But when he saw Bahader live young, treat them like his peers, his teammates found it amazing. “I am a bit like the grandfather of the whole team. But I behaved with my teammates like when I was at that age. To be honest, I don’t play football like a 75-year-old old man. I am a professional player. For me, age is just a number”, Ezzeldin Bahade concluded.

The honor of all Egypt

Coach Ahmed Abdel-Ghani of October 6 club admitted that the record of Mr. Ezzeldin Bahade is the honor of both Egypt. Speaking to Egypt Today, the 75-year-old striker’s son-in-chief strategist admitted: “It was great that Egypt had a man on the Guinness Book of Records, especially when it was a player of October 6. ”. During the competition, Abdel-Ghani played for Haras El Hodood Club and had 5 caps for Egypt.

Bahader idolizes many famous players

Ezzeldin Bahader has idolized many generations of players. “When I watched them play, my desire to play was more and more burning and I was determined to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional player. I idolize Pele, Garrincha, Puskas, Di Stefano, Eusebio, Maradona, Thierry Henry, Zidane, Platini, Cruyff, Ronaldo Brazil, Cristiano, Messi, Iniesta and Van Basten, ”Bahader said.

1. Ezzeldin Bahader (born November 3, 1945) just needed to play one more game to break Isaak Hayik’s record (73 years and 95 days, played two matches in full), thereby recognized by tthe Guinness book is the oldest player in the world.

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