European Tour For Golfers Wearing A Microphone

European Tour members’ Golfer can be fitted with a microphone during the competition to make events more attractive when reopening in an epidemic.

European Tour for golfers wearing a microphone

After canceling and canceling 30 events, the first of the six-stage European Tour schedule, all held in the UK, opened in early July and banned the audience. In the new situation, Chief Executive Officer Keith Pelley thinks the system he runs and develops needs to be creative in order to increase the excitement to compensate for the silence due to the lack of field audiences.

“Covid-19 put us in a situation where we had to try something different. We can wear wireless microphones during the competition to make the atmosphere more vivid. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, these devices “It’s very compact and doesn’t affect the shot. Then slowly, this will be part of the European Tour life,” Pelley suggested on BBC.

The “Touring microphone” of the European Tour targets groups of nails in each round in the first stages of the rematch.

Attaching a microphone to golfers promises to increase the appeal of the European Tour.
Attaching a microphone to golfers promises to increase the appeal of the European Tour.

“We are always looking for ways to apply technology to golf to make the arena more appealing to the audience. Therefore, we are studying creative options in a series of six tournaments in the UK, including wearing microphones. for the golfer, “the European Tour spokeswoman cheered on the opinion of boss Pelley.

And with voice receivers and amplifiers, TV viewers can hear tactical conversations on the pitch between the golfer and caddy or their spontaneous mumbles in some situations. This is considered a breakthrough at the peak golf because, in the past, this form was mainly implemented at performing events.

Wearing a competition microphone was once available

The European Tour used to have members wearing a competition microphone. That’s Nick Dougherty at British Masters 2015. He currently hosts Sky Sports’ golf program. But the idea of ​​leading the European Tour is to be applied on a large scale for the first time.

Wearing a microphone to compete at the European Tour has happened
Wearing a microphone to compete at the European Tour has happened

“When we started the golfer interview in the middle of the tournament, many people thought that this method didn’t work. But now it is a key part of the broadcast about the tournament. Because of that, viewers know what he thinks when calculating how to use a cane, a number 5 or a number 6. Great, “Pelley analyzed the novelty element on the European Tour.

The organization is allocating more than the US $ 2.5 million for nCoV testing for member golfers, caddy, and related people.

In May, there were two Covid-19 victims fundraising golf events held in Florida with the participation of stars. Rory McIlroy-Dustin Johnson battled Rickie Fowler-Matthew Wolff in Driving Relief, earning $ 5.5 million. And Tiger Woods-Peyton Manning compared Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady at The Match 2020: Champions for Charity, raising $ 20 million from the community.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the European Tour
Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the European Tour

All golfers attending these two events wear a microphone. And Driving Relief has 2.35 million subscribers, while The Second Period broke a television record with an average of 5.8 million viewers in the US. It has become the most attractive show of the day for television in this country.

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