European Leagues News: La Liga In Big Trouble

The Bundesliga will be the first of European leagues‘ top five to return to the pandemic season early next month. Meanwhile, La Liga has just arisen concerning the plan to set up stars such as Messi, Griezmann or Hazard, … re-risking collapse.

Bundesliga has good news

According to the Daily Mail, the Bundesliga (German league) will be the first of the top 5 European leagues (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France) to return to play the unfinished 2019/20 season. when stalled by the global epidemic.

36 professional clubs in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 (18 teams in the league and 18 teams in the German second division) have agreed on the decision to start playing again from May 9. These matches will take place in unpopular stadiums if the German Government and health authorities approve the plan.

European Leagues News: La Liga In Big Trouble
Bundesliga “bright door” back to play on May 9 coming

Although matches in the top and second German leagues will have to take place behind closed doors of the stadium, there will be a maximum of 322 people related to the players, the coaching staff and the staff on the field, together. Broadcasting staff is allowed to attend every Bundesliga match. This figure for every Bundesliga 2 game (German 2nd division) will be 277 people.

According to the Daily Mail, the organizers of the two leading leagues in Germany will have to spend about 2.2 million pounds to equip the equipment to test body temperature, hand sanitizer and protective masks for mandatory. with people attending the matches.

The stars oppose La Liga back

Not as fortunate as the Bundesliga when it is possible to return as early as next month, La Liga – another league in top 5 of European leagues is in a real crisis due to the epidemic, when the players fear of being exposed to the pandemic and dying if you have to play in the epidemic season.

Spain, along with Italy, are the two countries that have suffered the most damage in Europe because of the pandemic. However, the organizers of the Spanish league (La Liga) still have plans to return this tournament on June 9, when the two-horse race for the championship between Barcelona and Real Madrid is going into fierce competition.

Nonetheless, the League of Professional Players Playing in Spain (AFE) has decided to express fierce opposition if the Spanish Government Sports Council (CSD), Football Federation. Spain and the La Liga organizers approved the plan during an online meeting this weekend.

According to AFE, La Liga players and the Spanish leagues are ready to go on strike and will not return to play if the authorities do not ensure they are safe when the pandemic is still raging. fierce action in the land of bullfighting.

European Leagues News: La Liga In Big Trouble
La Liga is unlikely to return on June 9, when AFE representing professional players in Spain is strongly opposed to this plan.

Rafael Jimenez Jarque ‘Fali’ – center-back playing for Cadiz in Segunda (Spanish second division) shared in Dario AS: “They can call me crazy but I will not play football in this situation. Life is more important than money If they are 100% sure that we will not be infected with the pandemic virus then let them sign a pledge that they should be responsible in case Something happened to us, ruining our lives.

Let the tournaments come back only when we’re all really safe. If we all unite in a fight, the football leagues cannot come back no matter how hard they are. “- Fali asserted.

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