Europa League Fixtures: Europa League Runner-Up Collapsed

Olympiakos wrote the myth before Arsenal, the Emirates fortress collapsed, the Gunner broke up in the Europa League Fixtures.

Olympiakos created a real earthquake before Arsenal. The dream also people do not believe the runner-up Europa League last season fell from the round of 32 teams. And that came true.

Entering the meeting with Olympiakos with a small goal from the first leg, Arsenal entered the game relatively actively. Objectively speaking, this match was split in half, with the first half of Arsenal and the second half of the Olympiakos away team.

europa league fixtures
Cisse put the match into extra time

Just like the first leg, the two teams closed the first half with a 0-0 draw. And again like the first leg, only the away team has the goal in the official 90 minutes.

53rd minute of the match in this Europa League Fixtures, Cisse’s head shake brought the confrontation between Olympiakos vs Arsenal back to the balance after 2 matches. The score of 0-1 in the second leg was kept all 90 official minutes. And with a total score of 1-1, Arsenal and Olympiakos entered extra time.

In extra time, the fatigue and the pressure of competition made the two teams not create many significant situations, apart from the fixed ball phase. Good plays only come in extra time 2.

Aubameyang opened fire in extra time
Aubameyang opened fire in extra time

In the 112th minute, Aubameyang welcomed the teammate’s cross from the right, Gabon striker beautifully hooked the ball, equalized for Arsenal in the second leg (Also increased the total score to 2-1). Arsenal finished the first in extra time with a 1-1 advantage (2-1 after 2 matches). The visitors had only 8 minutes left, and Arsenal, they had almost backed the whole team back to defense.

118th minute, Arsenal was only 2 minutes away from victory, but they did not hold. In the corner, which goalkeeper Jose Sá also participated, Olympiakos got what he needed.

The ball from the edge of the ball defeated the entire Arsenal defense, El-Arabi came from the ground, cushioning the ball to the surprise of Leno and his teammates.

BHL and Olympiakos players broke down after an emotional victory
BHL and Olympiakos players broke down after an emotional victory

From being conservative, Arsenal is now a chase and 2 minutes is not enough for Aubameyang and his teammates to change the situation. The gunner collapsed at the threshold of paradise, and Olympiakos, they deserve to go on with the brave feat of 1 myth!


TIME – Final: Arsenal 1-2 Olympiakos. With a total score of 2-2, Olympiakos is the winner !!!


Unbelievably, in the almost final situation of the match, both goalkeeper Jose Sa on the Olympiakos side also attacked, the Greek team found the equalizer (including 2 matches). If the score 1-2 in the second leg remains the same, Olympiakos will continue with a total score of 2-2.

112 ‘: GOAL

Aubameyang has scored a golden goal for Arsenal. The pitcher kick first brought the Gunners ahead in this match. The total score after 2 temporary matches was 2-1 in favor of Arsenal.

109 ‘: NO

Arsenal gave an answer with an uncomfortable tension situation. However, no players keep up.

108 ‘: NOT IN !!!!

Arsenal is too lucky. The finishing shot of striker Olympiakos brought the ball to the crossbar of the wooden frame. The score was close to 2-0 for the modern from Greece.


102 ‘: NOT IN

Olympiakos had a good attack before the attacker on the right had a volley shot over Leno’s crossbar.

96 ‘: Corner for Arsenal


90 ‘: HOURS – Ending 90 minutes with a 1-1 result after 2 matches (0-1), Arsenal and Olympiakos will have to play extra time.

88’: The last minutes were very tense in the confrontation between Arsenal vs Olympiakos. With the current score, two teams will have to enter extra time. However, if they lose in extra time, no team has a chance to do it again.

84 ‘: NO

Xhaka has an impromptu reclining desk lamp, beautiful but not effective.

europa league fixtures

76 ‘: NOT IN

Pepe was very dangerous, but the ball was not difficult enough to defeat the goalkeeper of Olympiakos.

58 ‘: NO

Xhaka’s long-range shot from just outside the box

56 ‘: NOT IN

Another quality long shot, Leno had to work very hard.


Olympiakos unexpectedly opened the scoring from the header of Cisse. The current total of 2 matches is 1-1!


END OF ROUND 1 – The temporary score is 0-0.

41 ‘: NO

El-Arabi takes a long shot and cleared the bar.

38 ‘: IN !!! .. but offside!

Lacazette broke the ball into the visitors’ net with a close ball, but the referee confirmed the offside.

35 ‘: NOT IN

Phase finishing in a narrow corner failed striker Olympiakos

20 ‘: NO

Pepe tried his luck with a free-kick. The ball goes higher than the goal.


The visitors to Olympiakos had the first goal

4 ‘: NO

Ozil handled it well, but his teammates couldn’t catch it

1 ‘: Arsenal serves


Line-up to Arsenal vs Olympiakos

europa league fixtures

Lineup expected Arsenal vs Olympiakos

Arsenal: Leno, Mustafi, Willock, David Luiz, Papastathopoulos, Saka, Xhaka, Pépé,Ceballos, Aubameyang, Guendouzi, Lacazette

Olympiakos: José Sá, Ba, Elabdellaoui, Cissé, Tsimikas, Bouchalakis, Guilherme, Camara, El Arabi, Masouras, Valbuena.

General comments Arsenal vs Olympiakos

In addition to MU vs Club Brugge, Arsenal faces Olympiakos directly is one of the matches worth waiting for in the round of 16 Europa League Fixtures. With the advantage of just a few goals in the first leg, Arsenal absolutely must be careful before the visitors who are eager to find the ticket to go on.

Looking at the game on the Georgios Karaiskakis field in the first leg, it can be seen that Arsenal is not completely superior to the home team. Although the team quality and surface rubbing better in the domestic league, the Gunners are quite difficult to reach the goal of Olympiakos. It can be said that Lacazette really rescued Arsenal from a mysterious draw, with a late goal in the last minutes.
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