EURO officially postponed to 2021: What does the World Press say?

Euro 2020 officially leaves for the summer of 2021 according to the latest information of the European Football Federation (UEFA) because of Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Chairman Aleksander Ceferin, General Secretary Theodore Theodoridis and Association of Professional Players (FIFPro) attended the emergency meeting on March 17.

EURO officially leaves for the summer of 2021

The Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic caused a series of major football tournaments around the world to postpone and postpone schedules. This has directly affected tournaments that have not yet taken place but are expected to be held this year. For football, it is EURO 2020, Copa America 2020.

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EURO 2020 finals are expected to take place in the summer (June 12 to July 12) in 12 countries with the participation of 24 teams. However, after the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic broke out and spread in Europe, UEFA made an official decision: It was to reschedule the tournament to Summer 2021.

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Copa America 2020
EURO 2020 is officially delayed

The upcoming actions aim to help the national championships such as the Premier League La Liga, Premier League, Serie A … along with two UEFA tournaments including the Europa League and the Champions League to complete the competition season this year.

In the Daily Mail receive the official information of the European Football Federation and post it on the headline homepage. “EURO 2020 will be postponed until Summer 2021 due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic. UEFA wants to focus on the league and the Champions League. ”

Journalist Jonathan Spencer emphasized that the decision to postpone EURO to 2021 is compulsory because the epidemic is devastating the football season all over Europe. Therefore, Euro finals will only start from 11/6 to 11/7 next year. Earlier, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin also decided to cancel the event about the introduction of the UEFA EURO this summer.

Another headline in the famous Italian newspaper, Tutto Sports posted. “UEFA declares: UEFA EURO will be postponed for a year and will only start in June 2021!”

The article mentions a meeting of UEFA with 55 member football federations that approved the decision to postpone EURO 2020 in June and move this tournament to the summer of 2021.

However, the source said that this would be the first meeting. There will be many more UEFA discussions on the situation of the leagues in Europe based on the progress of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Copa America 2020 ‘followed’ Euro, moving to 2021

Not only the EURO but also the leading event in South America, Copa America 2020 has to be postponed for a year, enough for the world media to warm up its information channels in the past 24 hours.

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Messi waits another year to conquer Copa America

The Football Association of South America (Conmebol) decided to postpone Copa America 2020 to 2021. With Lionel Messi, he must wait another year to conquer the first title with the Argentina team.

Along with Euro 2020, the 2020 Copa America will move to 2021. This tournament will take place in Argentina and Colombia from June 11 to July 10, accompanying Euro finals.

One of the most noticeable players, when the Copa America was delayed, was Lionel Messi. El Pulga has been one of the top stars in the world for more than 10 years, he has countless club-level titles with Barcelona, ​​but he has yet to win any of the Argentina team.

Copa America 2020
Messi can not win the Copa America with Argentina team

At the Copa America playground, Messi and Argentina team came second in 2007 (lost to Brazil), 2015, 2016 (to Chile) and once to three in 2019 (lost to Brazil in the semi-finals).

In the World Cup arena, Messi once brought Argentina to the 2014 final in Brazil. However, Argentina lost 1-0 to Germany in extra time after the flash of Mario Gotze.

Currently, Messi is dazzling in Barcelona colors when helping the Catalonia club lead La Liga and into the 1/8 Champions League round. However, when Copa America postponed another year, whether Messi continues to shine or not is still a question mark.

After an error with the Copa America 2019 championship, Messi once said: “We have done very well with the young players in Brazil. Stand up and prove your maturity in next year’s tournament. We will definitely determine to be the champion ”.

Like Copa America 2019, the two guest teams are Japan and Qatar, in Copa Ameirica 2021, the two invited teams from Asia are Qatar and Australia. These are the two teams that won the last two Asian Cup competitions.Northern Group A includes teams from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Qatar. Meanwhile, South Group B has the presence of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Australia. The Copa America final will take place in Argentina.