The draw for EURO 2020 has been completed. The teams have found their opponents in the group stage. Although ranked in the death table, England and France are considered by the football prediction world as a good candidate for the championship.

The draw to divide the table of the European football championship took place in the city of Bucharest, Romania. 6 groups were announced in which the most notable and surprising was the “Death Group F”.

Group F includes the 2018 World Cup champion – France; defending EURO champions – Portugal and defending German champions. Although the final position of Group F has not been decided because of waiting for the play-off round, but needless to say, all eyes are on this talented table at this football current events.

Football fans are both eagerly anticipating and regretting the lottery results. They wait for the competition of the top strikers: Cristiano Ronaldo or Kylian Mbappe. However, they will not be sad if one of the French – German – Portuguese representatives has to leave EURO 2020 soon through today football matches.

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Up to now, the EURO 2020 football prediction shows that England and France are considered as bright candidates for the championship. France is still burning hot after winning the world football championship. In addition, they currently own the most outstanding superstar of football in Europe. That is the basis for the position of the EURO 2020 champion candidate.

In the immediate scenario, if France can not stand the group, the road to glory EURO 2020 will be quite arduous. Assuming that the owner of the World Cup gold cup finishes second place in Group F. France will face the first team in Group D, England or Croatia. 2 opponents are not simple at all.

On the other hand, the reason that the team that reached the semi-finals of coach Gareth Southgate emerged because the heavy German-Portuguese rivals were “unlucky” fell into the “Death Group F”.

Who is the best prediction of the candidate for the championship?

1.England and many advantages

Following the relative success at the 2018 World Cup, England entered EURO 2020 with a certain confidence. The legion step by step to the semi-finals of the world championships is almost preserved. This is the biggest advantage that helps England to be one of the champions. Most of the English players are at their best age. Not only that, Gareth Southgate also possesses emerging young talents. Jadon Sancho, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jack Grealish will certainly help England to compete strongly with other teams in this  football current events.

2.France team and the clear opportunity

Not surprisingly, the World Cup champion is the Euro-winning candidate. The football prediction of French is temporarily higher than other teams. Compared to the “seeds” of the season, France lacks a home-field advantage. All of their matches are away from home. However, this is not necessarily a big disadvantage.

Similar to the Three Lions, the French team has the best players. They have both experience and youth, enthusiasm. The opportunity for France to repeat the same success as the World Cup in Europe is huge.

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Hordic code promises an explosion of explosion

Netherlands – The revival of a tornado

The selection of the Netherlands among the top candidates is quite risky. Especially when this team failed to qualify for EURO 2016 and the World Cup in 2018. However, this team has made positive changes in the past 2 years. The players have now been strengthened and improved, especially in the defense. In the middle line, there was the efficient operation of Mathijs De Ligt and Virgil Van Dijk. Van Dijk is also expected to be a formidable striker for EURO 2020.

Belgium – Glorious golden generation

Compared to the Netherlands, Belgium is a stronger “black horse” of EURO 2020. The Red Devils won 3rd place in the biggest football tournament on the planet in 2018. Expectations for this team in this football current events so the more higher. The Belgian team has the most consistent depth of players in Europe. Each member of the team has the opportunity to make a story at club-level tournaments.

What opponents are worried about when they meet Belgium is the ability to score goals. Aggressive names such as Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Dries Mertens along with “Belgian goalscorer” Romelu Lukaku are ready to scare every subject. And yet, this team has a technical midfield, certainly. The experienced defense led by Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld, Thibaut Courtois. The Belgian team has all the “ingredients” to go far at EURO 2020.

Top scorer of Euro 2020: Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is currently one of Europe’s most technical players. He is well on his way to winning the Premier League’s record of assists. His creativity is an important contribution to the tactics of coach Roberto Martinez. If Romelu Lukaku is the striker then surely he will need a teammate as intelligent as Kevin De Bruyne.

EURO 2020 will officially open on June 12 in Rome. The opening match is between Turkey and Italy. Italy, after winning the absolute record in the qualifying round, was also quite lucky with the results of the group stage draw. Italy shares the same table with “lightweight” rivals Turkey, Switzerland and Wales. Therefore, in addition to England or France, the blue shirt team is also predicted for the championship.