Euro 2020 Soccer Prediction Of Final

Euro History

The first person to come up with the idea to set up this tournament was the General Secretary of the French Football Federation (FFF) Henri Delauney. The first tournament took place in France in 1960 and the first champion was the Soviet Union. Up to now, Germany and Spain are the two countries that have won the championship the most, with three crowns.


The idea of ​​organizing the European football championship was proposed by French General Secretary Henri Delaunay from 1927 but it was not until 1958 (3 years after Henri Delaunay’s death) that the tournament was held. The championship trophy was named Henri Delaunay in memory of his tournament’s birth.

European Football Championship 2016 (also known as UEFA Euro 2016) is the 15th European Football Championship organized by the European Football Federation. The final was held in France in the summer of 2016, from June 10 to July 10, 2016. This is the third time France will host this tournament after the 1960s and 1984s.

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Euro 2016

UEFA Euro 2016 is the first finals with 24 teams competing, instead of 16 teams as before. In the group stage, the teams will compete in a round of 1 round to select each group of 2 top teams and 4 3rd ranked teams with the best performance to go to the round of 1/16.


The ranking criteria in each table will be in the following order:

  1. head-to-head performance,
  2. goal difference/loss,
  3. the number of goals.

Euro Records

Defending champions: Spain

List of 10 most recent champions:

– 2016: Portugal

– 2012: Spain

– 2008: Spain

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– 2004: Greece

– 2000: France

– 1996: Germany

– 1992: Denmark

– 1988: Netherlands

– 1984: France

– 1980: West Germany

– 1976: Czechoslovakia

– 1972: West Germany

Euro 2020

The final of the UEFA Champions League 2020 will be the last match of the UEFA Champions League 2019-20, the 65th season of Europe’s top club football tournament hosted by UEFA, and the 28th season. since it was renamed from European Cup Cup to UEFA Champions League. The match will take place at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey on May 30, 2020. 

The champion will compete with the UEFA Europa League 2019-20 champion at the European Super Cup 2020.


When will Euro 2020 take place?

According to official information updated by UEFA, the final of the European football season is expected to take place from June 12 to July 12, 2020, starting in London (England).

The teams will start from the preliminary round with 10 tables in November 2019. The two winning teams of the groups will receive a ticket to go to the Euro Cup – the largest tournament in Europe in the summer of 2020. The next four tickets will be decided based on the matches of 16 UEFA teams. Nations League.

What is the size and mechanism of the Euro tournament?

12 stadiums will organize Euro 2020 matches

  • Wembley Stadium (London, England)
  • Hampden Park (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • Puskas Ferenc Stadium (Budapest, Hungary)
  • San Mames Barria Stadium (Bilbao, Spain)
  • Aviva Stadium (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Amsterdam Arena (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • National Stadium (Bucharest, Romania)
  • New Zenit Stadium (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • Olimpico Stadium (Rome, Italy)
  • Baki Olimpiya Stadium (Baku, Azerbaijan)
  • Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany)

Time for Euro 2020 qualifying

All 55 teams from all over Europe will compete to choose the best 20 names and 4 tickets for the friendly UEFA Nations League. That’s a total of 24 teams attending the Euro 2020 final.

The method of Euro qualifying is as follows:

From 55 teams initially divided into 5 groups with 6 teams and 5 groups with 5 teams. The teams compete in a circular pattern with two rounds of home and away opponents in the same group.

At the end of the qualifying round, 20 names of the top 10 teams will win the right to participate in the Euro 2020 finals.

Wales is the last team to have an official ticket to the Euro 2020 final.
Wales is the last team to have an official ticket to the Euro 2020 final.

Over more than 60 years of football history, the Euro football season is one of the most expected football tournaments in football. Euro 2020 promises to be an extremely attractive tournament in the near future.

Finalize 20/24 teams to win tickets to the Euro 2020 finals

Before the final match, 19 names were identified and this morning, Wales became the last team to enroll in the Euro 2020 final. Gareth Bale and his teammates took full advantage At home, defeated Hungary 2-0 with a double from Aaron Ramsey and ended the qualifying in 2nd place in Group E.

In addition to the 20 teams that won the tickets directly, 4 teams will attend Euro 2020 on the play-off route. The teams participating in the play-off round will be determined based on the achievement in the UEFA Nations League, in which the top teams in the group (belonging to the UEFA Nations League League) are guaranteed a place.

UEFA has 4 teams participating in the play-off round, with the team with the highest ranking in each branch receiving the 4th team of that division at home. Similarly, the 2nd team will have a home kick advantage over the 3rd place team (for example, in branch B, Bosnia will meet Northern Ireland and Slovakia will play against the Republic of Ireland). The format will be a knockout match (the semi-finals take place on March 26, 2020, the final is on March 31, 2020). 4 branches include:

Branch A: Iceland, Bulgaria / Israel / Hungary / Romania 
Branch B: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland
Branch C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria / Israel / Hungary / Romania *
Branch D: Georgia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus

UEFA will draw lots to determine Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary or Romania in the C branch, the remaining 3 teams will be in branch A. The order of the 3 teams in branch A will depend on their rankings. in the Nations League 2018-2019).

The 16th EURO tournament will take place in 1 month, from 12.6.2020 to 12.7.2020. The tournament is held in 12 different cities across Europe. This is because Euro 2020 is the 60th anniversary of the first Euro period to be held in France in 1960. The semi-finals and finals of Euro 2020 will take place at Wembley Stadium, England.

List of 20 teams with tickets to Euro 2020

Group A: England, Czech Republic

Group B: Ukraine, Portugal

Group C: Germany, Netherlands

Group D: Switzerland and Denmark

Group E: Croatia, Wales

Group F: Spain, Sweden

Group G: Poland and Austria

Group H: France and Turkey

Table I: Belgium and Russia

Group J: Italy, Finland