EURO 2020 Qualifiers – Portugal Team With Germany, France

The EURO 2020 Qualifiers when the 2018 World Cup champion France faces the defending champion EURO 2016 Portugal and the former German champion.

The EURO 2020 Qualifiers in Bucharest (Romania) on December 1. Former players such as Iker Casillas, Francesco Totti, Marcel Desailly … are the draw participants.

As EURO 2020 is held in 12 different cities across Europe, the draw rule allows countries with stadiums to host tournaments for at least 2 home games in the group stage.

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The death table is back at EURO 2020
The death table is back at EURO 2020

The seed groups are divided according to the results in qualifying. After EURO 2016 finals took place without the shadow of death, EURO 2020 brought this specialty back to Group F.

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Lucky draws have brought Portugal, France and Germany into the group stage. The remaining draw will be determined at the end of the play-off series.

Group D also attracted attention when England met Croatia, who defeated the Three Lions in the semi-final of the 2018 World Cup. Italy after winning tickets to the EURO with absolute achievement in the qualifying round, had only to fall. enter the group with breathtaking opponents Turkey, Switzerland and Wales.

The Netherlands, after two consecutive big absences, was lucky to be in the same group only with Ukraine, Austria and the winning team in the play-off round.

The opening match for EURO 2020 will take place on June 12 at the Olimpico Stadium in Rome between Italy and Turkey.

Identify play-off semi-finals the EURO 2020 Qualifiers

After the EURO 2020 Qualifiers’ draw in the afternoon of November 22, UEFA divided 16 teams into the semi-off and play-off finals to identify 4 teams for the EURO 2020 final.

In Group A, semi-finals inclusive of Iceland vs Romania and Bulgaria in opposition to Hungary.

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Group B, the semi-finals including Bosnia & Herzegovina against Northern Ireland and Slovakia against the Republic of Ireland.

Group C, the semi-finals including Scotland against Israel, Norway against Serbia.

Group D is also the last group, including the semi-finals between Georgia against Belarus, Northern Macedonia against Kosovo.

In this play-off series, there will be the handiest one knockout healthy rather than the first leg and the second one leg. The better-ranked teams in Nations Leagues play at home in the semi-finals. The following draw will be determined by the hosts of the finals.

Matches in the semifinals and play-off finals will take place on March 26 and 20, 2020.

EURO 2020 will take place within 1 month, from June 12 to July 12 2020. Instead of being held in a host country, the matches will be held in 12 countries in Europe to celebrate the tournament’s 60th anniversary. 

Draw rules

As EURO 2020 is held in 12 different cities, the draw rule will enable host countries to win the final to be placed in a group to ensure they have at least 2 matches. home yard in the group stage.

4 seed groups of the EURO 2020 finals

Group 1: Belgium, Italy, England, Germany, Spain, Ukraine.

Group 2: France, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Netherlands, Russia.

Group 3: Portugal, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic.

Group 4: Wales, Finland and 4 teams won in the play-off round.

The EURO 2020 Qualifiers’ draw will determine the locations of each group and determine the group. UEFA also stipulates that Russia will not be in the same group with Ukraine, and countries with stadiums will be given priority to play at least 2 home games in the group stage.

EURO 2020 Qualifiers

Defining the opening match of EURO 2020

Group A with the participation of Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Wales. And the opening match of the EURO 2020 finals will take place between Italy and Turkey in Rome.

EURO 2020 Qualifiers

Luckily for the Netherlands

After being in the death table at EURO 2004, World Cup 2006, EURO 2008, EURO 2012 and World Cup 2014, the Netherlands has finally had a pretty easy competition with lightweight opponents at EURO 2020 finals.

EURO 2020 Qualifiers

Dependent debt German-French-Portuguese.

Germany has won 9, drawn 9 and lost 14 times when they met France. At the EURO 2016 finals, Germany lost to France in the semi-finals. However, in the final, France lost to Portugal even though Cristiano Ronaldo left the field as soon as the match started just over 10 minutes.

Spain is easy to breathe

The former Spanish king was only in the same group as Poland and Sweden with the same team through play-offs. All 3 of La Roja’s opponents will never win the EURO in history.

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