EURO 2020 is about to begin! The reaction of the coaches about the group!

Right after the EURO 2020 split, the coaches expressed their thoughts on the results of the groups.

EURO 2020
EURO 2020 can take a completely new format for marking. Photo: Eurosport

Coach Roberto Martinez (Belgium) said that after the home team was placed in Group B with Denmark, Russia and Finland: “Logically based on this division, we fall into the hardest group. Playing against Russia at St Petersburg in the first match, then meeting Denmark in Copenhagen and then returning to St Petersburg. We need the best preparation to turn every difficulty into the right thing. ”

Stanislav Cherchesov (Russia): “We played the last match in the group stage against Denmark in Denmark, but it was not easy. But regardless of which group we need to try every game maximizing power. ”

EURO 2020
Group F is really “death table” with the presence of France, Germany and Portugal. Photo: Eurosport

Coach Joachim Loew (Germany), who will face the big opponents of France, Portugal and the winner of the playoffs of the A division in Group F is considered the “Death Table”: “This is death table. The matches in Munich will be real football festivals. We are all looking forward to these matches. For a young team, this will be a really tough but motivational challenge. Winning a tournament like this is already a prize. ”

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Coach Didier Deschamps (France): “This is the toughest group but we have to accept. This challenge puts the French team in a position ready now.”

Portugal coach Fernando Santos: “The group brings together the three groups that have gained the big tournaments recently, World Cup and EURO. A hard institution with the simplest two teams selected. But we usually agree with that assignment is an opportunity. “

Spain coach Luis Enrique, his team was placed in the same group with Sweden, Poland and the winner of the B playoffs: “For me, Bilbao is one of the best football courts in Europe. with Wembley. Hope we do not disappoint fans. Entering an important tournament like Euro, you always expect to play 7 games and win all. ”

Sweden coach Janne Andersson: “Regarding the correlation of the other groups, we are within the group isn’t too tough or too easy. We are not an early team, so we nonetheless have time to prepare.”

Italy coach Roberto Mancini, his team will meet Turkey, Wales and Switzerland in Group A: “I always like the split, it is very emotional. My group is a pretty good group. I would be happy if any team had been afraid to fulfill us after the hit qualifying campaign. But in order to threaten every team, we ought to work harder. ”

EURO 2020
With the participation of Croatia and England World Cup runner-up, Group D is also considered to be very attractive. Photo: DM

Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic, his team are in the same group with England, Czech Republic and the winner of the Group C play-off match: “Every match is as important to us as the World Cup semi-finals or the Cup of Nations. We are looking forward to playing.

Being on Wembley and playing at the EURO 2020 in front of a full stadium is my favorite part of this group. Especially when I hear people often say England is making great strides and they are trying to bring football home. ”

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Coach Ronald Koeman, his Netherlands team, was placed in the same group with Ukraine, Austria and the team won in the playoffs of the D-branch. “Of course I prefer Austria to Holland. We respect every opponent and prefer to play against a team we have less frequently encountered than tough opponents like Portugal. ”

Official table of UEFA EURO 2020 finals

TurkeyDenmarkNetherlandsEnglandSpainPlay-off Group D
WalesBelgiumAustriaPlay-off Group CPolandFrance
SwitzerlandRussiaPlay-off Group DD. CzechPlay-off Group BGermany